Goodbye Enemy Airship (Australia), Mokyow, 赤犬姉妹, Minami Deutsch, Barry Zogon Band

2014 / 09 / 26 (Fri)
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Gamuso - Asagaya
Mixed Genre
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1000 (+ drink)
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Goodbye Enemy Airship (Australia), Mokyow, 赤犬姉妹, Minami Deutsch, Barry Zogon Band


Space Fête Vol. 1

presented by Tokyo Gig Guide


Goodbye Enemy Airship [from Melbourne, Australia]

mokyow [Takahiro Kido, Takahiro Matsue & Tadashi Yoshikawa from Anoice, & Kenichi Kai]

赤犬姉妹 (Akainu Shimai)

南ドイツ (Minami Deutsch)

Barry Zogon Band [featuring members of Abikyokan + special guests)

DJ Ponkan Beats



Goodbye Enemy Airship

Goodbye Enemy Airship is a Melbourne based experimental duo featuring Gerard Mason (electric guitar) and Sarah Galdes (drum kit).  They will be joined by Jam on guitar and trombone.
Goodbye Enemy Airship’s music is a confluence of instrumental rock, contemporary avant-garde jazz and psychedelica. Members of Goodbye Enemy Airship are involved in numerous other groups as diverse as stoner rock group Tetris Nightmare! and experimental jazz trio Maka Khan.




Special acoustic version.

The post-rock band formed by Takahiro Kido, Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa who are the members of Anoice, and the keyboardist Kenichi Kai.


赤犬姉妹 (Akainu Shimai)

Akainu Shimai 

Exciting noise & performance unit.

体操服ブルマの姉・京子と黒白ロリータの妹・桜子が アッチとコッチの境目で織り成すエキサイトノイズユニット。


南ドイツ (Minami Deutsch)


Japanese Krautrock band from Tokyo.


Barry Zogon Band

Barry Zogon Band 

Finally a band comes along that properly interpets the long-undervalued works of Barry Zogon.

Featuring members of Abikyokan.


DJ Ponkan Beats

Ponkan Beats  

Professional goon, aspiring ass shaker and eternal dreamer.




グッドバイ・エネミー・エアシップ 日本ツアー2014

Goodbye Enemy Airship Japan Tour 2014


9月21日(日) @ Ruby Room 渋谷

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party 13

with NaishoServalsHippo Disco, DJ Grant McGaheran

Open/start 18:30. Door 1000円


9月23日(火) @ Bushbash 小岩

Goodbye Enemy Airship japan tour & デマゴーグ album release party

with デマゴーグMEKARE-KAREglarm to phalta切れ痔のヨーゼフgizmondoSL-CISCO

Open/start 17:30/18:00. Adv/Door 1300円/1500円


9月26日(金) @ Gamuso 阿佐ヶ谷

Space Fête Vol. 1

with Mokyow赤犬姉妹南ドイツ, Barry Zogon Band, DJ Ponkan Beats, more

Open/start 18:30. Door Door 1000円

Live House

Live House:
Takuei Building 2F, Asagaya-kita 2-12-5
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:


Gamuso Gallery Chroma



Take the North Exit of JR Asagaya station. Turn left just before Cozy Corner and then turn right on the 3rd small lane on the right. Turn left in front of TOA Sports (very retro gym) and walk ahead for a while until you see a tachinomiya (standing bar) on your right. You can't miss it - there's a pickup truck parked inside! The entrance to Gamuso is on the second floor of the tachinomiya.

Gamuso map



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