FARM PARTY 13: Naisho, Goodbye Enemy Airship (Australia), Servals, Hippo Disco, more

2014 / 09 / 21 (Sun)
Live House:
Ruby Room - Shibuya
Mixed Genre
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1000 yen + 1D
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FARM PARTY 13: Naisho, Goodbye Enemy Airship (Australia), Servals, Hippo Disco, more


Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY #13


Live: NaishoGoodbye Enemy Airship (Australia), Servals

DJ: Hippo Disco, Grant McGaheran




2006年結成。2007年、浅沼加入(2012年末脱退)の後、都内にてライブ活動を開始。 メンバーの入れ替わりやサポートメンバーを迎えての活動を経て、2013年より現メンバーの徳山(Guitar, Vocal)、馬渕(Guitar)、麻美(Bass guitar)、石倉(新加入(Drums))による4人編成での活動となる。

主に徳山のフィーリングから生み出される楽曲は、Yo La Tengo、Pavement等USインディーロックや、エレクトロニカ等電子音楽に影響を受けつつも、軸は奇をてらわず、普通の、純粋なポップソングとしてそれらを昇華している。 でたらめに見えて後付けの哲学を生み出すパズルの様に魅力的な日本語詞で展開される気取らないボーカル、歌うようなリフをノイジーにかき鳴らすギター、バンドのスタイルをそのまま体現するかのような、微妙なグルーヴを奏でるリズム隊、これらがやわいバランスで寄り合い、NAISHOの懐かしく切なくもある音像を生み出す。


Hailing from Tokyo, NAISHO was formed in 2006. After Asanuma (Leave at the end of 2012) joined the band, they started playing shows in Tokyo. After several member changes, now the lineup is Tokuyama (Vocal, Guitar), Mabuchi (Guitar), Asami (Bass Guitar) and Ishikura (New(Drums)). Affected by US indie music such as Yo La Tengo and Pavement, Tokuyama got to be an unique song writer. Their music should be highly appreciated by Japanese major pop fans as well as foreign indie pop band fans, who love neo-acoustic movement or Sarah Records. They wrote songs with unique guitar chords, but their music itself is not so difficult, rather easy to be accepted by many many fans. On 7th Nov 2012, they had released their debut album called PARADE from Happy Prince domestically.


Goodbye Enemy Airship

Goodbye Enemy Airship is a Melbourne based experimental duo featuring Gerard Mason (electric guitar) and Sarah Galdes (drum kit).  They will be joined by Jam on guitar and trombone.

Goodbye Enemy Airship’s music is a confluence of instrumental rock, contemporary avant-garde jazz and psychedelica. 

Members of Goodbye Enemy Airship are involved in numerous other groups as diverse as stoner rock group Tetris Nightmare! and experimental jazz trio Maka Khan.  




Psychedelic electro-pop with Emily and Kohei (come to my party) and Craig (Abikyokan).


Hippo Disco

Hippo Disco 

Music for large, mostly herbivorous mammals... 

Roodmin & Vinski (Tokyo / Bali)




グッドバイ・エネミー・エアシップ 日本ツアー2014

Goodbye Enemy Airship Japan Tour 2014


9月21日(日) @ Ruby Room 渋谷

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party 13

with NaishoServalsHippo Disco, DJ Grant McGaheran

Open/start 18:30. Door 1000円


9月23日(火) @ Bushbash 小岩

Goodbye Enemy Airship japan tour & デマゴーグ album release party

with デマゴーグMEKARE-KAREglarm to phalta切れ痔のヨーゼフgizmondoSL-CISCO

Open/start 17:30/18:00. Adv/Door 1300円/1500円


9月26日(金) @ Gamuso 阿佐ヶ谷

Space Fête Vol. 1

with Mokyow赤犬姉妹南ドイツ, Barry Zogon Band, DJ Ponkan Beats, more

Open/start 18:30. Door Door 1000円


Live House

Live House:
Ruby Room
2F Kasumi Bldg, Dogenzaka 2-25-17, Shibuya
Address (Japanese):
東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-25−17 カスミビル2F
Closest stations:
Ruby Room


Directions: From Hachiko Crossing in front of Shibuya station, go left up Dogenzaka street. Turn right in front of Shibuya 109. Take the first left (after a musical instrument store). Then take the first right at the brick building and go up the hill (not the stairs). Find Ruby Room on the second floor on your right, above a restaurant, before a carpark.


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