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Topic-icon 17th December Vivian (Gallhammer) is back

ark7010 created the topic: 17th December Vivian (Gallhammer) is back

13 Dec 2017 00:57

Vivian Slaughter is back to music scene as Viviankrist. This is a electronic music project.
Vivian releases split 10" dub plate with Concierto de la Familia. They have a release party with special guests on 17th December at Hatagaya Forestlimit.

Release Party
viviankrist + risaripa (Gallhammer) - electronics, noise, industrial
Concierto de la Familia - dark synth, ambient, noise, neo classical
Funeral Moth - Funeral Doom
Miasma Death - Doom Death, Black Metal
moshimoshi aka blackphone666 - reggae

start 6:00pm 2,000 (incl.1D)

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