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Topic-icon Great Scottish band - the next big thing?

sarge created the topic: Great Scottish band - the next big thing?

24 May 2010 06:10

Just thought I'd big up this Scottish band, being from God's country myself haha:
Saw them live in Cambridge small crowd brilliant show.


"The Statler Project crank out indie rock with an undercurrent of funk, shored up by basslines fat enough to feed a family of four for a week." (KING TUT'S REVIEW - POTATOJUNKIE / Altnation.com)

I thought they might be perfect for the Japanese music scene indie/dance crossover.

I've found out that the drummer Chris Reid puts out techno/house stuff as part of the Osaka Ultras and has done a remix of c side by Octogen.

The conga player Ian James Whitelaw has done house tracks for Phonique in Berlin on Dessous and Alex Kid in Paris on F-com


So a brilliant mix of indie and dance musicians definately worth checking out.

The Statler Project - Your Opinion, My Opinion EP
Grooves like an untamed beast

Already a hot live draw in their hometown of Glasgow, The Statler Project's debut EP does an excellent job of showcasing their powerful take on the indie-dance-rock fusion. Fans of Kasabian, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and, more obscurely, New FADs, are advised to check them out. While all these influences are apparent, the band injects enough personality, originality and passion into its sound to make this EP an exciting proposition. Aside from the memorable lead track, Plenty grooves like an untamed beast, while No One's Gonna Make Me Tuck My Shirt In boasts a gloriously ferocious vocal, not to mention an admirably rebellious sentiment. The Deep Space remix of the title track is one to win over the clubbers, suggesting that The Statler Project could even become a bona fide crossover act before long. [Graeme Blaikie]
given 4 out of 5 stars

The Statler Project
Glasgow, The Arches

The third band to take to the stage this night were The Statler Project.
As soon as these guys came on I knew it was gonna be good.
Every one of them had big grins on their faces. Now, either they were high, just saw something funny or were just the type of band to have a laugh on stage and enjoy performing... the latter it was.
They launched into their first track and next minute a bus load of people came from the back of the room right to the front of the stage.
This certainly was a night for bouncy dancey rock, as a group of guys at the front were bouncing about like mad and singing along to the words, you would think this was a huge well-known band the way the crowd were reacting to them, and from the presence the band had on stage, there was no mistaking these guys had something different.
It's so refreshing nowadays to go see an indie band without thinking they were just ripping off the usual bands like Stone Roses and Oasis, but these guys had their own style of indie rock, with dance influences showing through to give it a bit of oomph, and when you throw in bongos and a tambourine, you know you’re in for a good night.
Out of their full set you couldn’t pick out a bad song, but the song that really done it for me and still sticks in my mind, had to be their last song ‘The Kid’s Not Home In His Head’. This had the catchiest basslines and lyrics I’ve heard in a while, so much so, I’m still sitting here 24hrs later with the chorus still doing rounds in my memory.
I recommend you go have a listen to these guys and hear for yourself what a great band this is. (Gill Brammer)

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