KelvinT, Tokisato Miztsuru, Nerve, suzueri, Naoki Nomoto, Makoto Oshiro, KΣITO, Renick Bell, more

2019 / 03 / 01 (金)
Kagurane / KGR(n) - Kagurazaka
Alternative, Hip-Hop, Improvised, Noise
2,000 yen + 1 drink
2,500 yen (+ 1 drink)
KelvinT, Tokisato Miztsuru, Nerve, suzueri, Naoki Nomoto, Makoto Oshiro, KΣITO, Renick Bell, more


Absurd TRAX/HKCR/20alpha Japan Tour [形起釋影 / いん・へい・しっく・いん!]

HongKong based underground hip hop label "Absurd TRAX", commnity radio"HKCR-HongKong Community Radio" and alternative space "20alpha" Japan tour!


Kelvin T (from HK/Absurd TRAX) + Tokisato Miztsuru (VJ)
Nerve (from HK/20alpha) + Toki-Meki Science (suzueri) + Sawako Kageyama (VJ)
Naoki Nomoto + Makoto Oshiro
KΣITO + Renick Bell
Tzu Ni

T0C1S (from HK/Absurd TRAX/HKCR), Wendy Lee (from HK/20alpha)


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From HongKong based

Kelvin T (from HK/Absurd TRAX)

Kelvin T, full name Tang Fong Ching Kelvin, is a 20-year-old DJ and music producer from Hong Kong. Having started making music since he was in secondary school at the age of 15, Kelvin has managed to finish and self release 7 EPs on his own and released his EP‘Sedative’ through Hong Kong-based label Absurd TRAX.

In 2016,he joined the forward-thinking Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66Mbp and subsequently resided in local label Absurd TRAX later that year. He is releasing his first full-length album ‘Unlock Voice’ this year, embedding his emotions through his music and synths. He has played in the first Boiler Room event Hong Kong, in Sonar Festival Hong Kong both in 2017 and 2018, and his music has received plays on NTS Radio, Radar Radio and RBMA Radio.

His latest album ‘Unlock Voice’ envisions a music reality where synthesizers are taught to sing, scream, cry, and rage. By unleashing and unlocking the soul and the voices of samplers and synthesizers, Kelvin T tries to create an emotionally packed experience throughout the entire album. The album will be his first full length album after many years of experience in creating music.


Nerve (from HK/20alpha)

Nerve is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary artist whose practice mines the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and underground subcultures. With a background in classical composition and 90s rave culture, he explores the extreme sound experience by mixing electroacoustic, beat, bass, fx and rave samples into a new form of free improvisation performance. His high-speed finger triggering and knob twisting style generates a harsh yet danceable noise that can't be categorized and moves beyond our imaginations. He is active in the local and international underground scene, performing and djing at 15 Grams, Ruffneck Bizness, HKCR, CTM Vorspiel (Berlin), LUFF (Lausanne), as well as numerous DIY outdoor parties.

T0C1S (from HK/Absurd TRAX/HKCR)

T0C1S is a Hong Kong-based DJ. In 2016 he co-founded the blog Absurd Creation, and subsequently the label and event series Absurd TRAX was born in late 2017. 

In the same year, he curated the first edition of ATE (Absurd The End of the Year), focusing in community building and de - mystification of stylistic tropes, the independent festival hosted artists such as Scattered Purgatory, Rainbow Chan, ENDGAME, x/o, DJ Sniff, Fiona Lee. Organ Tapes, Yayoyanoh and more.

As a DJ, T0C1S applies the same principle into his set, often with no coherence in beat and bpm, he focuses in creating sonically dense sound by blending limitless selection of genre-less music to create intimate and cathartic experience out of an emotion driven ‘story-telling’ style of playing.

Aside from being active in the local underground venues such as XXX, and gallery space like Tai Kwun, T0C1S has played foreignly in OIL club (Shenzhen) and ALL Club (Shanghai) for his label showcases. He has made appearances on radio such as and HKCR.

T0C1S is also the co-founder and current director of HKCR.

Selected Press: Bandcamp Daily (Absurd TRAX)/ Radii China (HKCR)/ BBC Cultural Frontline


Wendy Lee (from HK/20alpha)

In 2014, LEE started off as the co-founder/producer at the Hong Kong experimental music and intermedia art organization 20α (Twenty Alpha) till now. Apart from the daily administrative support to organization, she was the executive producer of Kill The Silence (2014-2015) - the first and only experimental art festival in Hong Kong/Macau, DECADE Ensemble (2016) - the debut multi-media performance of the first experimental music group in Hong Kong and City of Sounds (2016) - the first free sound art/experiential music education school programme in Hong Kong.

From Tokyo based

Renic Bell

Makoto Oshiro

Naoki Nomoto



Tzu Ni

Toki-Meki Science (suzueri)

Tokisato Miztsuru (VJ)

*Naoki Nomoto, Tokisato Miztsuru, Moxus


Sawako Kageyama (VJ)


Kagurane / KGR(n)
住所 (英語):
B1, TOMOS Bld, 6-48, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku
住所 (日本語):
東京都新宿区神楽坂6-48 TOMOS神楽坂ビルB1F
神楽坂 (Kagurazaka)
Kagurane / KGR(n)


Since May 2017