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Topic-icon Looking for acoustic kind of jams

eldrain 作成されたトピック: Looking for acoustic kind of jams

13 3月 2019 09:04

Hi fellows!!

My name is Ilya. I moved to Tokyo several weeks and ago. And now im working here.

I play guitar bass sing (low pitch voice) compose. I`ve been in a bands for 10 years) Had participated in album recording and live shows of course.

Recently im really enjoying acoustic cover songs (I do play everything from Iron Maiden to Britney Spears).
Anyway – who is looking for jam or create something good, I think in 2-3 month of jamming we can hit a small gig.

Even if your english is poor it doesnt matter. We dont need words to create music)))

Why? Because We can)))

would be great

Line 070 1482 0666

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S.L.Wolfe 返信されたトピック: Looking for acoustic kind of jams

08 4月 2019 11:28

Hey, I play keyboard and also sing. I just moved here as well and I'm working on some covers. I'd like to work with someone on harmonies and just jam. Let me know if you wanna meet up.

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eldrain 返信されたトピック: Looking for acoustic kind of jams

09 4月 2019 08:54

Ye sure! Sounds great! Write me on line))

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