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RJS 作成されたトピック: Drummer looking for band.

27 5月 2018 17:33


I'm a drummer looking for a band / fellow musicians. I live in Naka-Meguro so West Tokyo.

I listen to lots of indie music. Also I am over 30! I don't really like to play pop music or covers. Here's a Spotify playlist I made / like:

Here is an old band I played in a while ago:


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blueroom 返信されたトピック: Drummer looking for band.

06 8月 2018 13:00

Hey might need a drummer just to experience something new

Here's my last.fm


Not sure what we're playing yet.

email: dan.j.knighton@gmail.com

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Misiek 返信されたトピック: Drummer looking for band.

02 10月 2018 22:00

Hi Rob,

I started a band a few years back and the drummer has moved away, so I'm searching for a drummer. Thus far I've managed to find a bass player and lead guitarist. I play guitar and sing.


Let me know if you'd be interested to give it a go.


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RJS 返信されたトピック: Drummer looking for band.

02 10月 2018 22:27

Hi - that sounds good. Let's have a practice! Maybe email me directly.

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