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Kevin 作成されたトピック: Looking for a jazz vocalist

17 5月 2017 00:44

Our band Magnum6 is playing standard jazz once a week at the Pink Cow in Roppongi Tokyo. A talented vocal, whether you are male or female / young or old, please contact us. We are a band of 5 players - Sax, Keyboard, Bass, Drums and Guitar (me).

1. A stage experience required. We will ask you to send us MP3 / youtube clip.
2. Decent understanding of music theory. We will ask you basic questions, for example 2 flats are what key?
3. Being able to speak in Japanese. Some of our staff prefers to speak local language only.

Have a listen to our audio clips. If you think it meets your voice, email / text me. Thanks, Kevin

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TUJ2017 返信されたトピック: Looking for a jazz vocalist

24 9月 2017 14:16

Hi - like your sound and would like to speak to you about a gig on Oct. 21 if you are free. Evening 6 - 9pm (approximately) private party in Setagaya.


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bonyakleyman 返信されたトピック: Looking for a jazz vocalist

07 11月 2018 15:01


I have e-mailed you earlier but writing here again to reiterate my interest. I am a jazz singer and I am very interested in this opportunity!

Please e-mail me back at bonyakleyman@gmail.com

Bonya Kleyman

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