Ayuo, Yuichi Ushioda, TOMO (hurdy gurdy)

2018 / 09 / 29 (Sat)
Live House:
Casa Mozart - Harajuku
Progressive, Psychedelic, Psych-Folk
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2,500 + drink
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Ayuo, Yuichi Ushioda, TOMO (hurdy gurdy)


【solo & joint vol. 2】

The series of event with Ayuo and TOMO. Strongly recommend to people who are lover of psychedelic folk, trad, and medieval music.

Ayuo (vocals, guitar, open tuning guitar)

Ayuo has recorded over 15 solo albums for labels such as Midi, Epic-Sony, JVC Victor, Polygram, and others, in which he recorded with many internationally famous popular musicians such as Peter Hammill, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Carlos Alomar, David Lord, Danny Thompson, and members of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention. His more recent music tries to show the ancient musical link on the silkroad from Europe through the Balkans to Persia, India, Central Asia, China, Korea, and Japan by exploring the possibilities of using ancient and traditional music to create new music.

In the 21st Century, he has released 3 CDs for John Zorn’s Tzadik label, which are available internationally. They are “Izutsu”, “Red Moon” and “Aoi”.

TOMO (hurdy gurdy, open tuning guitar)

Hurdy gurdy player and multi-instrumentalist. Since he attempted to play the guitar with numbers of open tuning in his early years, his interest in folk tradition and tuning systems spread to other stringed instruments including his main instrument, hurdy gurdy. In respect for the tradition, he explores the alternative style of hurdy gurdy, and creates his original compositions for the instrument. 

Yuichi Ushioda (vocals, guitar)

Yuichi Ushioda is a solo singer and guitarist, has released three solo albums (two solo albums for label by Disk Union). His guitar style is significantly inspired by trad/roots music such as blues and ragtime,on the other hand, he attempts some contemporary style like a minimal music.

As a guitarist, he is also support musician for many other band and projects such as VIDEOTAPEMUSIC and Yuko Ikema.

●Ayuo:  Vocals, Guitar, Open-Tuning Guitar
●潮田雄一 Yuichi Ushioda:  Vocals, Guitar, Open-Tuning Guitar
●TOMO :  Hurdy Gurdy, Open-Tuning Guitar

Ayuo:  Vocals, Guitar, Open-Tuning Guitar ニューヨークで育ち、60 年代後半のアメリカのサイケデリック文化、音楽、文学、アートに影響 を受ける。18 枚のソロ・アルバムを日米で発表。自分の思想を言葉や詩にして、台本を書き、 それを歌、朗読、楽器演奏と動きで演奏するパフォーマー。9月に初の著書が発刊される予定。

TOMO :  Hurdy Gurdy, Open-Tuning Guitar ハーディーガーディー奏者。トラッド/古楽などの影響を軸に、ギターをはじめ民族楽器など様々な 楽器を演奏するなか、古楽器「ハーディーガーディー」に関心を持つようになる。ハーディーガーディーの可能性と独自の奏法を探求しながら、作品の制作・演奏活動を行っている。

潮田雄一 Yuichi Ushioda:  Vocals, Guitar, Open-Tuning Guitar

Live House

Live House:
Casa Mozart
3rd Floor, 1-10-23 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
東京都渋谷区神宮前1-10-23 3階
Map link:
Closest stations:
Harajuku, Meiji-jingumae
Casa Mozart


5-minute walk from JR Harajuku Sta.
2-minute walk from Subway Meiji-jingumae Sta. (Exit 5)

access to Casa Mozart


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