Kio Griffith x Marcos Fernandes, Tetuzi Akiyama x Ryutaro Endo Duo, Kyosuke Terada

2016 / 08 / 21 (Sun)
Live House:
Bar Buena - Shinjuku
Avant garde, Experimental, Free Jazz, Improvised, Industrial
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1500yen +1D
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「Griffith + Fernandes / Akiyama + Endo / Terada」

Kio Griffith x Marcos Fernandes
Tetuzi Akiyama x Ryutaro Endo Duo
Kyosuke Terada

Artist Information:


Born in Kanagawa, Japan ; based in Los Angeles and Japan.

Kio Griffith is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound based conceptuals and visual media, curator and editor producing diverse trajectory projects between the U.S. and Japan. His recent work posits not simply reflections of his pan-nationality but also of pan-sensory experience. Fine-tuning of the listening experience develops through exposure to the auditory chaos of discordance, euphonies and speech. Further research by mining historical sociolinguistics references amplifies awareness of temporal events past, present and future. Griffith reconstitutes ‘optiphonic’ paradigms into an immersive social communal experience by breathing new life into what may be lost in generational transference. For the 2016 Aichi Triennale installation, colors index recordings of voices, languages and dialects from the people of the Pan Pacific and beyond, cadence of sussurations pervading mankind and nature, continually flitting across shades of thoughts and dimly-discovered tonalities.

Griffith has exhibited in the UK, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Belgium and the U.S. He has performed, collaborated or curated various musicians and contemporary artists, dancers and designers in galleries, museums, clubs and unconventional spaces, locally and internationally. His current projects include project director at TYPE (Tokyo+Yokohama Projects Exchange), curator and development director at ARTRA, associate editor at Fabrik and Artillery magazines, art director at Angel City Jazz Festival and has designed over 300 album jackets. Griffith was recently invited to exhibit in the 2016 Aichi Trienniale and has been selected for the 2017 Emerging Curators program at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.)

Marcos Fernandes

A native of Yokohama, Japan, Marcos Fernandes spent over three decades in California as performer, producer and curator. He has performed in the US, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Hong Kong and Japan as a solo improviser, phonographer and as percussionist/sound artist with various ensembles, dancers, poets and visual artists. Fernandes' work can be heard on over 50 recordings on Accretions, Bake/Staalplaat, Circumvention, Cobra Discos, Disk Union, Enban, Less Than TV, Pax, Public Eyesore and others. His current projects include The Argonauts, Melt, Kokusai Obake Rengo, The Metaphors, TNBT, Wormhole and The Tokyo Phonographers Union.


Born in Tokyo, April 13, 1964.
Akiyama specializes in creating music with elements of both primitivism and realism by connecting his own aspirations, in a minimal and straightforward way, to the special instrumental qualities of the guitar. Sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly, he controls sound volumes ranging from micro to macro, in an attempt to convert the body into an electronic entity.


Ryutaro Endo is a guitarist based in Tokyo. After studying Photography and Art, he transitioned his creative expression from photography into music. While being part of the Tokyo Avant-garde and improvised music scene, Endo keeps his music rooted in traditional styles such as Jazz and Blues, and performs diversely with various musicians. His solo, on the other hand, uses fundamental guitar tone which somewhat brings nostalgia but also searches for a new possibility at the same time.


Live House

Live House:
Bar Buena
Shinjuku Town Plaza bldg. 2F-D, 1-24-8,
Address (Japanese):
新宿区百人町1-24-8 新宿タウンプラザビル2F-D
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Closest stations:
Okubo, Shin-Okubo
Bar Buena


From Shinjuku station walk 10 min

From Okubo station walk 2 min


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