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craig 作成されたトピック: New version of site

12 8月 2008 11:53

As you can see, the site has completely changed so let us know if you come across any bumps!

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joninjapan 返信されたトピック: Re:New version of site

05 10月 2008 11:31

First off, great work really well done and put together. Very legite feeling (I did love the super underground, made in your bedroom feel of the old one).
A couple of UI things.
I'm scrolling through the gig list (really nice) it would be great to Add a gig right there. I know the band name, just want to put it on my list for later.
But not a huge deal to click and then scroll down to add to gig list, but then what do I do? Need to back up twice to get back to the page of the list I was on.
Another thing, I'm not sure about the band or venue so I click on either one of these links, it would be nice to open a new page or (tab if you set your browser). Then I could check it out and close to get right back to gig-guide rather than back up a few times.
And would love a link to my gig list right on the home page. I realize you can hit profile and then scroll down, but I'm not so interested in the overall profile just the list.

Just some constructive help. overall it's really tightly organized and easy on the eyes.

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craig 返信されたトピック: Re:New version of site

05 10月 2008 14:17

Thanks a lot for the feedback Jon.
Actually, a couple of people have said they miss the lo-fi feel of the old site!

Your ideas are great. A button next to each gig on the gig list allowing you to add it directly to your 'My Gigs' list is something I plan to include, once I work out exactly how. It's rather complicated..

Clicking the venue website link will now open it in a new page/tab.
As for the band links, that option is in the text editor so is up to the person adding the gig. Maybe I'll change the default, though some people prefer links to open in the same page, others prefer a new page... Remember you can always just right click links and choose to open them in a new page/tab.

I can see that the My Gigs list is one of the most useful new features. I'm working on a way to make it appear in a sidebar module so users won't have to go to their profiles to see it.

Thanks again for your ideas and positive comments.

最終編集: 05 10月 2008 14:19 : craig.

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craig 返信されたトピック: Re:New version of site

06 10月 2008 14:44

There is now a 'My Gigs' link on the User Menu (in the right sidebar)

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ariel 返信されたトピック: Re:New version of site

11 10月 2008 14:17

Your new site has been up for two months already? It's the first time I see it. I guess I haven't been to any shows for a while.
Anyway, it's great. Thumbs up!

Looks pretty good on my keitai as well through our system. If you want I can send you a link so you can see for yourself (not here).

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sammbennett 返信されたトピック: Re:New version of site

04 11月 2008 21:45

Craig, just discovered the new, user-powered Tokyo Gig Guide tonight. Joined right away, got an upcoming gig notice posted soon after, and I just want to say thanks for putting this together. The interface is great, I had no problems with it. Good work, man!


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