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Topic-icon Looking for Drummer (Black Sabbath/Kyuss)

patternblue 作成されたトピック: Looking for Drummer (Black Sabbath/Kyuss)

28 5月 2020 09:46


I am a bass player from the USA. I recently moved to Japan, and am trying to put together a new band. I have found a guitar player, but now we seek a drummer to complete the lineup.

We want to play heavy rock in the style of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Sleep, etc.

We are also looking to remain a 3-peice band. As soon as we can locate a drummer (and after Corona makes it safe to meet up), lets jam!



Black Sabbath、Kyuss、Fu Manchu、Sleepなどのヘビーロックを演奏したい。


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Greggonz 返信されたトピック: Looking for Drummer (Black Sabbath/Kyuss)

24 6月 2020 09:18

Hi mate. I was just wondering if you found a drummer yet? I was in a Black Sabbath tribute band in Taiwan for a few years and I love those bands you mentioned. Detuned rumblings.

This is a link to one of our live clips. The audio is not great.

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patternblue 返信されたトピック: Looking for Drummer (Black Sabbath/Kyuss)

26 6月 2020 11:24

Hey! I PM'd you. Cheers!

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