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Topic-icon バンドメンバー募集 Let’s start a band!

Ceejbb96 作成されたトピック: バンドメンバー募集 Let’s start a band!

26 1月 2020 17:55

Punk rockとemoとpower popが好きなギターやボーカルができるアメリカ人です。東京に住んでいます。バンドやりたいです!もしよかったら連絡してください!!

I’m an American living in Tokyo. I like punk, emo, power pop, etc.
Let’s start a band!!

Here’s my bandcamp...


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JT3 返信されたトピック: バンドメンバー募集 Let’s start a band!

11 2月 2020 22:52

Plz check your inbox

最終編集: 12 2月 2020 15:58 : JT3.

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Lachie244 返信されたトピック: バンドメンバー募集 Let’s start a band!

04 4月 2020 13:25

Hey man! I had a listen to your songs and they sound dope! Would love to do something in that vein!

I love pretty much everything punk/emo and have played in pop punk, emo, pop rock, and hardcore bands back home (in Australia).

I’m a drummer, but can also play a bit of bass or guitar and would be down to play anything depending on what you need :)

You can hear some tracks I did drums for here:

- Emo/Punk: Elk Locker (all songs): open.spotify.com/artist/15BLvORQ2wR8QQ6O0kcwgE?si=eXsfcnzeRTuvJMg-yI42-g

- Hardcore: Kid Presentable (Disposable Culture EP + Punishment single): open.spotify.com/album/0eqF5UdMTrbeEa1u6JPoTV?si=sixS5MJDSxWFLOYhNUJm-g

- Pop punk: Cause A Scene (all songs):

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