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Goyon 作成されたトピック: Vocalist wanted/Reggae band

10 3月 2019 02:23

Vocalists wanted. We accept reggae beginners with experience in giging and recording. A Tokyo based reggae band led by a Japanese reggae guitarist who learned reggae music from Jerry Harris of Wackies, Earl Chinna Smith of Bob Marley&Wailers, Beezy Coleman of Ziggy Marley Band etc. Currently has a Jamaican veteran drummer and Australian singer. The band is into soul and jazz influenced reggae like Lovers Rock such as Janet Kay, Louisa Marks, and Jamaican Jazz cats like Ernest Ranglin, Monty Alexander etc. Please contact us for more info.

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Jungleman 返信されたトピック: Vocalist wanted/Reggae band

24 9月 2019 14:30

I am Chris & Go by the name Jungleman
I am interested in you vocalist wanted and have attaches link my tracks to get a feel: www.reverbnation.com/jungleman1/songs
Will write and record to any reggae music
Performing live is the aspect I love the most.
Other talent ? Recording/Bass
Am located in Toronto Canada.
Currently working on a single.
Flexibility ? Very
Availability ? ASAP

1 647 702 1267

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Goyon 返信されたトピック: Vocalist wanted/Reggae band

28 9月 2019 09:44

Hi Thanks for your message. Please let me know when you visit Japan. Thanks

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