How do I add an image to the Live House details?

When adding live houses, you can upload or link to images and place them in the details box.

In the tool bar on top of the details box, click the image Insert/Edit Image icon (top right).


- To use an image from another site, just enter the URL and click Insert at the bottom.


- To upload an image, click the Upload icon (on the middle right side, next to the Help icon).

Then, you can either drag and drop image files into the window, or click Browse and select an image file from your computer.

Click Upload.

The uploaded image will appear in your File Browser. Click the image title and then click Insert.


You can adjust the size and alignment of the image in the Properties

After inserting the image, you can also adjust the size by clicking the corners of the image and stretching it.


Your File Browser will store all images that you have uploaded so you can reuse them when adding future live houses or gigs.