Red Cloth

Live House:
Red Cloth
DS Shinjuku Bld. B1, 6-28-12 Shinjuku
Address (Japanese):
東京都新宿区新宿6-28-12 DS新宿ビルB1
Map link:
Closest stations:
Shinjuku, Higashi-Shinjuku

Red Cloth


Take the East exit (for Kabukicho) of JR Shinjuku station. You'll come out to a big square and see Studio Alta in front of you. This street that Alta is on is called Shinjuku dori. Turn right down Shinjuku dori and go straight. Turn left down the little street between Marui Young and Bic Camera. When you come out to the big road (Yasukuni dori), turn right. At Shinjuku 5-chome crossing (with Marui Men on the corner), turn left. Keep going straight ahead for a while, pass a Family Mart, go through Shinjuku 6-chome crossing, pass a Lawson, then start looking for DS Shinjuku Building on your right. Red Cloth is in the basement of this building.


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