Sound Gardening - Go Taneda, Philippe Chatelain, Olivier Pasquet

2009 / 04 / 28 (Tue)
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Sound Gardening - Go Taneda, Philippe Chatelain, Olivier Pasquet


SOUND GARDENING  _28th April 2009_
Electronic Contemporary Music Concert for 35 people
We invite you for a unique music experience in one of the most quiet and peaceful place of Tokyo, the tea house of Kyosumi garden. 3 composers/sound artists will perform each one for 30 minutes, merging direct sounds and electronic music. In between the performances, you will have the privilege to taste the special Ultra-Brut champagne developped by Laurent Perrier at the era of “nouvelle cuisine”. The power used for the concert will be all natural as a mobile solar system developed by Taguchi-craft will be the energy resource for the composers. There is a limitation of 35 seats, and reservation is required.
date: Tuesday, 28 april 2009  door open: 18h00   Start: 18h25     End : 20h15
place: Kyosumi Teien, Kiyosumi 2 and 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
   access: 3min walk from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa (Oedo & Hanzomon lines)
fee: 2500 yens ( champagne and garden entrance included)
reservation and advance payment required,
 inquiry by email or phone 090 8552 9995 (Philippe Chatelain)
sound gardening fly
Power solar system by Taguchi-Craft
Supported by the French Embassy, CulturesFrance, Pioneer
Champagne tasting by Laurent Perrier (Ultra Brut)
GO TANEDA “instrument shelter”
OLIViER PASQUET “perforations I”
GO TANEDA “instrument shelter” 30 mn
go taneda  computer/producer
Go Taneda runs the sound art unit "project suara" with singer/composer Junko Satoh. He develops the project "geographical sound
projection" with the speaker maker Taguchi inc. He creates music for stage performance.The New York Times said of "Katana"- his
music piece for dancer Kaiji Moriyama-" a sound with existence".It participates in the activity of ON-COO Project and laptop
orchestra. CD"vision in black" "sketch 2006" etc. are released.
Philippe Chatelain      “55”  30 mn
philippe chatelain
Based on the 55 rocks brought from all over Japan to Kyosumi  Garden, Philippe Chatelain sets on the floor 55 cds, each one containing a sound loop of field recordings and abstract sounds. By manipulating and mixing them together, he creates moments where sounds react together creating spontaneous platform oscillating between balance and chaos.
Philippe Chatelain
French artist based in Japan, he works in the fields of video installation, process painting, digital drawing, and sound art. He has shown his works in several international art festivals, galleries and museums. In 2002 he initiated the Laptop Orchestra. He has collaborated with an international network of sound artists and musicians, and has performed in Japan, France, Holland, Korea, and the U.S.
Olivier Pasquet     "Perforations I "   30 mn
olivier pasquet
Perforations I recomposes information coming from the surrounding quiet nature. 
Time and sounds from the garden are freely evolving to a more complex and strongly structuralism with perforated sounds: from lovely tiny holes to a huge deep black hole.
Olivier Pasquet Producer and electronic music composer
OLivier Pasquet is writing music for music but also dance, opera, music theater, classical and contemporary theater. He is also involved in the world of installations and IDM. At Ircam and elsewhere, he collaborates with composers in the computer and electro-acoustic part of projects. One of his research interests is composition for voiced or spoken text. He now believes there is a deep link between music and architectural design and it is time to dig in this direction.


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