2009 / 03 / 27 (Fri)
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After the raging success of the last installment of THREE G in February, Mssrs Smart, Cox, Stubbings and MUC have come up with something a little different this time around -- our very first guest DJ.


DJ Ken Frowning (Old Man's Beard Must Go!, London/Osaka) cut his teeth on a dilapidated mixer in Acton Town, London, some time back in the '90s (remember them?) and hasn't looked back since. His collection is built around soulful, funky tunes ranging from afro beat to disco to house acid and techno, and he is guaranteed to get those feet tapping. What better way to start the weekend? (Or at least your Friday night!)


Two points of note: (i) Please remember to warm up and stretch in the proper fashion before attempting anything rash on the dance floor, and (ii) guests are also asked to leave their photocopy machines at home -- space on the dance floor is likely to be tight.


Entrance: Y1,500 (includes one free drink)


If everything goes according to schedule, Mr Frowning should be on the decks around 23:00 so whatever you end up doing beforehand, don't leave it too late...







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