FARM PARTY #4 with ii (Australia), OPQ, henna dress, Moon Face Boys, Aleks & the Ramps DJs, more

2010 / 10 / 24 (Sun)
Live House:
Gamuso - Asagaya
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1000yen+drink (500yen)
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FARM PARTY #4 with ii (Australia), OPQ, henna dress, Moon Face Boys, Aleks & the Ramps DJs, more


Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY #4



ii  (from Melbourne, オーストラリア)




henna dress  (変なドレス)


Moon Face Boys  (けいちくちくソロ from MY PAL FOOT FOOT)



Denim Owl + Extreme Wheeze (Aleks and The Ramps)

Jon+ Alex (ii)

Timebred (Wild Mood Swings)

Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)


Video: craig eee (Tokyo Gig Guide)




ii(アイアイ)は、Aleks and the Rampsのメンバー、AlexとJonによりアブストラクトエクスペリメンタルポップ・デュオ。

アルバムのリリース以後、彼らはツジコノリコ、Beach House、High Places、Fabulous Diamonds、Lawrence English等と共演。
また、ノーゼックとチアがそれぞれ所属する他のバンドでは The Sea and Cake、Tenniscoats、 Limited Express (Has Gone?)、Why? をはじめ、国内外多数のアーティストたちとライヴ、リミックス、レコーディングなどを盛んに行う。


ii is the abstract, experimental pop duo of Alex Nosek and Jon Tjhia (from Aleks and The Ramps) from Melbourne, Australia. Mostly improvising - and using an array of synthesisers, samplers, guitars and effects - the pair create adventurous and richly detailed music. Their sound sits somewhere between strange electronics, deep drone, ambient techno and guitar pop.

Following compilation appearances and short releases, ii released their first album in 2008. Landlakes is a substantial album that collected the previous eight years Nosek and Tjhia spent collaborating, and fine-tuning their improvisational relationship. Landlakes was critically celebrated in Australia and internationally. XLR8R called it "unlikely and refreshingly abstract pop" that "begins the countdown to 2008's year's-best lists", while The Big Issue said "this Melbourne instrumental duo sees them traverse positively unusual terrain, lending intermittent, guitar-led pop to a textural, ambient and artefact-strewn foundation."

Since the album's release, ii have been busy with one-off collaborations, remixes, shows around Australia and new recordings. They've played with bands including Tujiko Noriko, Beach House, High Places, Fabulous Diamonds, Lawrence English and many more. At the same time, Nosek and Tjhia's other bands - Aleks and the Ramps, Oblako Lodka, Tailor Made For A Small Room and Scissors for Sparrow - have played with The Sea and Cake, Tenniscoats, Limited Express (Has Gone?), Why? and others.


OPQ will fill Gamuso with bizarre homemade instruments, toys and their experimental, ambient psychedelic sounds.

henna dress
Electronica pico pico wildness with gameboys and gadgets.

Moon Face Boys
New solo project of Kei from the wonderful experimental psych-folk band My Pal Foot Foot.

Video: craig eee (Tokyo Gig Guide)
Farm Parties are as visual as they are aural, with films cut up by craig eee projected throughout the night.


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Live House

Live House:
Takuei Building 2F, Asagaya-kita 2-12-5
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:


Gamuso Gallery Chroma



Take the North Exit of JR Asagaya station. Turn left just before Cozy Corner and then turn right on the 3rd small lane on the right. Turn left in front of TOA Sports (very retro gym) and walk ahead for a while until you see a tachinomiya (standing bar) on your right. You can't miss it - there's a pickup truck parked inside! The entrance to Gamuso is on the second floor of the tachinomiya.

Gamuso map



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