Kosuke Mine 2 DAYS M's 3: Kosuke Mine (ts), Miyuki Moriya (as), Mikiko Nagatake (p), Guest: Yoichi Okabe (per)

2023 / 11 / 26 (Sun)
Live House:
Pit Inn - Shinjuku
Acoustic, Improvised, Instrumental, Jam, Jazz
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 Kosuke Mine 2 DAYS M's 3: Kosuke Mine (ts), Miyuki Moriya (as), Mikiko Nagatake (p), Guest: Yoichi Okabe (per)


Kosuke Mine 2 DAYS M's 3
Kosuke Mine (ts), Miyuki Moriya (as), Mikiko Nagatake (p), Guest: Yoichi Okabe (per)
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"For those who are grieving for the departed, offer him a drink, drink with him, laugh with him, comfort him, and walk away.," Shinran said.
Kosuke Mine, born in Hongo, is the youngest of six siblings and, according to him, is a "degarashi (weak tea)". His father was a legend who ran a sushi restaurant. It is precisely because of this parent that Kosuke Mine exists. His father was such a tough man that when the big earthquake hit, he did not even run away, but kept the lid on his drinking cup with his hand to prevent it from spilling, and waited for the tremors to subside.
And Takehiro Honda, Mine's best drinking buddy. They drank in Koenji together until morning and called each other "Koenji's oversized garbage" and "Koenji's non-burnable garbage" when they could no longer walk alone. Honda, who said, "I love a good draft beer after dialysis!", passed away at the age of 60.
This 2Days of Kosuke Mine at the Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo, will be a booze-fest. Mine will be 80 years old soon. There is a convenient saying for drinkers that sake is the best of all medicines, and I hope that you will drink good sake and stay healthy and be our Kosuke Mine forever and ever.

- Tamaya Honda, your drinking companion
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Live House

Live House:
Pit Inn
Accord Bldg B1, 2-12-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Address (Japanese):
新宿区新宿2-12-4アコード新宿 B1
Closest stations:
Shinjuku, Shinjuku Sanchome
Pit Inn


Jazz and improvised music venue.



Come out of JR Shinjuku station East exit in front of Alta. Walk right down Shinjuku-dori, pass Mitsukoshi and Isetan department stores. Keep going until you get to the Shinjuku 2-chome intersection. Turn left here and you can find Pit Inn on the right in the basement of the Accord Building.


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