archeus (Keiko Higuchi: vocal, Shizuo Uchida: bass, TOMO: hurdy gurdy), Cal Lyall (g) + Yasumune Morishige (b)

2021 / 01 / 31 (Sun)
Live House:
Yellow Vision - Asagaya
Avant garde, Experimental, Improvised, Performance, Unclassifiable
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2,000 yen + drink
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archeus (Keiko Higuchi: vocal, Shizuo Uchida: bass, TOMO: hurdy gurdy), Cal Lyall (g) + Yasumune Morishige (b)


Archeus presents
【where the waving nerves go vol. 1 】

Keiko Higuchi (vocal)
Shizuo Uchida (bass)
TOMO (hurdy gurdy)

Never ending sound like an ecstatic vision of freaks
Screaming and whispering,
Forgotten languages and archaic tone,
Rumbling of the earth and the enigmatic festive rhythm
Then, the mystical silence penetrates into guts, and melts sponteniously,,,
Day and Night
Consonance and Dissonance
Destruction and Creation
Diffusion and Convergence
Solve et Coagula
All is one One is all
Not anywhere, but here and now

●Cal Lyall (g) + Yasumune Morishige (b)

Cal Lyall
Born in Montreal, Cal Lyall studied electronic composition and jazz performance in Quebec, eventually moving westward in Canada to teach music and perform. An interest in diverse musical forms led to intense travel and study throughout Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent, including lengthy visits to India, Pakistan and Iran. A visit to Japan in 1998 led to long-term residency in Tokyo, where he is currently active as a sound artist focusing on improvisation, folk music and urban noise.

Involved in the arts scene in Japan for over fifteen years, he has organized large-scale performances involving both Japanese and overseas artists, while also remaining a key member of a number of musical groups which have toured both locally and internationally. His musical activities are documented on over 30 albums he has both produced (including three full-length compilations released on medama records in Japan) and contributed to as a writer or musician. As a curator, he established the monthly Test Tone concert series in 2005 at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe. Featuring over a thousand distinct artists over its 9 year run, it reached its 100th installment in 2014.

With an active performance schedule in Japan and past tours through Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, China, Korea, Australia and the US, he also heads up the Subvalent record label and oversees the Tokyo Hub of Jolt Sonic Arts (Australia).

Yasumune Morishige
As one of Japan's most unique voices of the cello, improvising musician Yasumune Morishige continues to collaborate with a wide array of musicians and dancers both in Japan and around the world. His improvisational approach looks to extend the cello's sonic possibilities, expanding the vocabulary of the instrument into rich unexplored territories.

Archeus presents
【波打つ神経の行方 vol.1 】

TOMO (hurdy gurdy)

秘められた沈黙が臓腑に染み渡り 溶けていく、、、。
Solve et Coagula。

●Cal Lyall (g) + 森重靖宗 (b)

Cal Lyall
即興ギタリスト、サウンド・アーティスト。ジャンク楽器、エレクトロ・パーツ、フィールド・レコーディングやエフェクターなどから音楽的な空間を生み出す。広範な音楽形式に興味を持ち、東南アジアやその周辺地域へ渡航し研究。日本で旺盛なライヴを展開しながら、これまでにタイ、インドネシア、ラオス、中国、韓国、オーストラリア、アメリカなどでツアー。また、レーベル Subvalent や、オーストラリアの Jolt Sonic Arts の東京拠点として活動。さらに、西麻布にあったスーパー・デラックスで、月一回のイヴェント「Test Tone」を主宰していた。

音楽家。チェロによる即興演奏を主に、国内外の数多くの音楽家や舞踏家などと共演する。 アコースティック楽器の可能性を広げて奏でられるその様々な音響は、繊細かつ豊かで独特の雰囲気を醸し出す。 時に、ピアノによる即興演奏や自作曲の弾き語りなどもおこなう。

Live House

Live House:
Yellow Vision
Asagaya 2-chome Bldg B1, 2-2-2 Asagaya-kita
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Yellow Vision



TEL: 03-6794-8814


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