Santa Dharma, Dreamlings, Nw Nrml, Modesty, Delta-Sine, Bob Rogue

2020 / 07 / 18 (Sat)
Dream-pop, Electronic, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Synth-pop
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Santa Dharma, Dreamlings, Nw Nrml, Modesty, Delta-Sine, Bob Rogue


Buddhagaya Online: Stay home and stream good music! 100% online event to maintain the safety of performers and audience members. There will be several live acts (streaming from Tokyo, California, and Mexico) and "intermissions" will include films and pre-recorded performances.

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21:10-21:50  Nw Nrml (post-rock/electronica/instrumental)

22:10-22:35  Karenin (indie rock/folk pop)

22:55-23:35 Santa Dharma (experimental pop/indie rock/synth-pop)

23:55-00:25 Dreamlings (lo-fi/post punk/synth-pop)

00:25-1:05 Bob Rogue of Black Corporation (modular/electronic)

1:05-1:25 Sushi Neko Roll (synth-pop/experimental)

1:45-2:15  Modesty (experimental electronic/ambient/noise)

2:35-3:35  Delta Sine (dance/electronic) 


Nw Nrml:

Nw Nrml is the solo project of Adam Gyenes; a long term Tokyo resident and member of Oversleep Excuse. Performing semi-improv, looping instrumental sets based around modular synth, guitar, steel pan and Kalimba, Nw Nrml draws on post rock, soundtrack and electronica influences.


Santa Dharma: 

Santa Dharma is a husband-wife experimental pop band consisting of Tomo and Holly. They meld toy synthesizers, fuzzy electric strings, drum machines, and Buddhist accents, to create lo-fi, ethereal music that resurrects a retro future. The name of their band combines the founder of Zen Buddhism, Boddhidharma with Holly’s birthplace California (where cities are often named “San” or “Santa” something). They released their first EP, Sakura High, in June 2019 and are working on their first full-length album.


“Dreamlings” is the solo project of Daniel Kurak. Originally a drummer from Cleveland, Daniel relocated to Tokyo four years ago with a collection of synthesizers in tow. As Dreamlings, he performs a lofi blend of post punk, synth pop, rock and disco. For the Buddhagaya stream, expect a number of newer tracks recorded in quarantine.

Bob Rogue:

Sushi Neko Roll:

Tokyo-based Californian, Holly Lanasolyluna, makes lo-fi synth-pop you can get down to. She live loops 80s/90s toy synthesizers and cosmic vocals weaving a neo-psychedelic mediobailable groove.


Originally from Texas, classically trained on violin & piano in early childhood. Modesty later retired her classical instruments to join a punk band playing bass & guitar. After college a love of producing electronic music began in 2010. Modesty has performed live in Texas and across Southern California currently living in the Hi-Desert near Joshua Tree with a focus on sound healing & meditation.

Delta-Sine is an nomadic tech-lectro project from the San Diego /Tijuana region. He writes songs about his journey through this waking life.. Since 2015 he's used an ever-changing hard-ware only setup consisting of grooveboxes, polysynths, pedals, and all things analog. On his spare time he helps co-organize Open Oscillator, Southern California's biggest synth Meet-Up and open mic for electronic musicians, He's also a founding member of Tijuana Synth Scene.





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