RADICAL RETRO REMIX RAMPAGE!: Prof. Bennett & Dr. Fisher

2020 / 02 / 29 (Sat)
Live House:
Morgan Salon - Daitabashi
Mixed Genre
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Adv. Price:
3500 yen
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4000 yen
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RADICAL RETRO REMIX RAMPAGE!: Prof. Bennett & Dr. Fisher



! ! ! RADICAL • RETRO • REMIX • RAMPAGE ! ! ! Morgan Salon #22

US maverick SAMM BENNETT clashes and collaborates with UK ultra-dilettante MORGAN FISHER in their first, amazing sound-wrestling event. Using as a base, vinyl and shellac records to sample, loop, and turn into miracles before your very ears! Or as the good Professor puts it:

"Employing an enigmatic and circuitous process of channeling magnetic sound recordings from bygone eras (as well as assorted other obscure sonorous implements) through a series of arcane and esoteric transformational devices, Professor Bennett (Celebrated Emeritus of Auditory Exploration and Related Endeavors) presents a most satisfying smorgasbord of swirling sonic surprise and serendipity. Ghost voices of the past, encoded within the tiny grooves of spinning black discs, are brought forth to mingle with the reverberant strains of tiny machines and magnetic waveforms of unknown origin, not to mention the intoning of the Professor's own voice. These elements all align in a repetitive cycle of unpredictable and unexpected connectivity, in which the hauntingly familiar meets the truly exotic, where sounds and words, mellifluous melodic motifs and fractured fragments of meaning collide and coexist in a hallucinatory realm of rarefied resonance ! ! !
The distinguished Doctor Fisher will be exploring audio artifacts of the past as well, in his own unique fashion, coaxing the sounds of dusty old recordings from a hand-cranked phonogram device and blending them with the various and curious tonalities residing within his impressive collection of vintage sound synthesizers and such. On their special dual engagement, Messrs. Bennett and Fisher will entertain and elucidate you with their respective sonic endeavours, and rumour has it that they will also collaborate in a meeting of the musical minds, which promises to be an epic journey through the acoustical corners of the hitherto unknown ! ! ! "

Extraordinary visuals will be broadcast, reaching back into the writhing spectral past of Dadaistic counterpanes and pataphysical cross-stitches.

Entry is 3500 yen with reservation, 4000 without reservation, payable at the door.
Complimentary WINE, tea, juice and snacks will be served in the interval.

Please book early as there is only room for 40 people!

To be sure of a place,, we recommend that you send an email with the title "MS22" to:


Please include your name and a callback number.
Your reservation will be confirmed and A CLEAR MAP will be emailed to you.

Morgan can't wait to meet and play for/with you!

モーガン サロン #22:

RADICAL RETRO REMIX RAMPAGE! ラジカル・レトロ・リミックス・ランページ

"Professor サム・ベネット" X “Doctor モーガン・フィッシャー"による

!!!!!レコードサンプリング / SPレコードのループ / 最先端のオーディオ変換 / アナログシンセ / エキゾチックパーカッション / ファンタジカルな音世界 / クレイジーな長老ふたりのアヴァンギャルドで自発的な作曲!!!!!

(*_*) (*_*) モーガンサロンでこれまでにない、ユニークで狂った、実験的音楽イベントです!!! (*_*) (*_*)

***** シド・バレット、フランク・ザッパ、カン、ファウスト、ゴング、ソフトマシン、キャプテン・ビーフハート、ネガティブランド、プランダーフォニクス系のファンは、面白くて幸せです!!!*****

>> 狂気の実験的アーティストのアバンギャルドなアーカイブからトロールされた超レアなビデオも含まれています! <<

参加費:前売 3500円, 当日 4000円 (当日集めさせていただきます)。
*** ワイン、茶、おつまみサービス! ***


ご面倒をおかけしますが、morganfff@gmail.com 宛に申込メールのタイトルに「MS22」と入力の上、お名前・連絡先・電話番号を添えてお送りください。


Live House

Live House:
Morgan Salon
2-2-4 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0063
Address (Japanese):
Map link:
Closest stations:
Morgan Salon


Just two stops from Shinjuku on the Keio Line, Morgan Salon is the personal music/art studio of Morgan Fisher, a resident of Tokyo since 1985. Morgan is a British keyboard player and has played with many well-known bands since the 70's, including Mott the Hoople and Queen, and Japanese artists Yoko Ono, Haruomi Hosono, Yellow Monkey, The Boom, Kina Shoukichi and others. From 2003 to 2013 he performed a series of 100 solo ambient improv shows at Superdeluxe (Nishi-Azabu), featuring his collection of vintage analog keyboards and projections of his abstract light paintings. In 2013 he began a new series of solo concerts in his studio. He also invites other musicians and artists to give performances there, in the spirit of the salons of Paris in the 20's, or the lofts of New York in the 60's.


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