Tumo (Yuma Takeshita + Yuji Ishihara) with Fernando Kabusacki

2020 / 02 / 05 (Wed)
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Bar Isshee - Sendagi
Abstract, Avant garde, Electronic, Experimental, Improvised
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Tumo (Yuma Takeshita + Yuji Ishihara) with Fernando Kabusacki


Tumo with Fernando Kabusacki


Tumo (Yuma Takeshita, Yuji Ishihara)

- Yuma Takeshita (electro-bass, self-made instruments)

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Born in Osaka in 1982,

Yuma Takeshita started playing experimental / improvised music around 2001.

After moving to Tokyo in 2011 he began constructing his own instruments by modifying an electronic-bass guitar with different sound modules and machines.

In addition, he has been providing technical cooperation for other artists’ exhibitions in recent years.

・"the most impressive was Takeshita, who fluently improvised with his electronically extended instrument. Since the 1970s, free improvisation has been one of the biggest challenges in the field of live electronic music and new instruments with a lineage of novel attempts such as Gordon Mumma’s Ambivex(*1) and Nic Collins’ Trombonepropelled Electronics(*2). It was obvious that what Takeshita played was more than a gadget, but an instrument that reflected actual playing experience in unpredictable situations and enabled him to achieve a distinct musical voice.“ - https://www.realtokyo.co.jp/en/performance/bar-isshee-sendagi_june-5-2018/

・”he began building his own electronic bass, an instrument that slowly developed through his love of modified sounds and textures. It would go on to become a large component of his music and aid him in his endeavors to eschew traditional electronic creation.“ - https://noogatoday.6amcity.com/the-tape-deck-june-2017/



- Yuji Ishihara (percussion, drums)


Born 1986 in Osaka, Yuji Ishihara is a drummer, percussionist and improviser. In 2006, Ishihara’s desire to play freely led him to form The Freeform Improvising Group Featuring Tutan The Khamuns which played widely in the Kansai area. More recently, his focus is on developing an idiosyncratic style on the drum kit exploring techniques around ideas of scratching, hitting, rolling, and repelling. While actively supporting various bands and musicians, he also releases his own solo and leader projects.



Fernando Kabusacki (guitar)


Fernando Kabusacki (Rosario, Argentina, 1965) plays electric, synthesized and acoustic guitars and currently lives in Buenos Aires. He is one of the most recognized and innovative guitarists in Argentina's new music and rock scene.

Kabusacki recorded and played live worldwide with musicians from different backgrounds such as Phil Manzanera, Charly Garcia, María Gabriela Epumer, Tricky, Robert Fripp, Juana Molina, Damo Suzuki, Otomo Yoshihide, Marina Fages, The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, Vernon Reid, Francisco Bochaton, Flopa, Liliana Herrero, ATirador Laser, Fernando Samalea, Maria Eva Albistur, Fabio Mittino, Nikada, Migue Garcia, The Electric Gauchos, Mono Fontana, Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists, El Tronador, Nahuel Briones, Roger McGuinn, Mussa Phelps, Hermeto Pascoal, Axel Krygier, Maxi Trusso, Santiago Vazquez, Alejandro Franov, Carola Zelaschi, Roxana Amed, Juan Ravioli, La Congreso World Templation and many others.

He toured Japan 12 times since 2001 playing with musicians like Seiichi Yamamoto, Yuji Katsui, Buffalo Daughter, Jim O'Rourke, The Dokuros, Daikiti Yoshida, Saicobaba, Haco, Kei, China, Yae, Yoshimi, Miu Sakamoto, Jyoji Sawada, Tenniscoats, Yoshitake Expe, Otomo Yoshihide, Dub Marronics, Pika, Miho Hatori, Nanao Tavito, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Kido Natsuki, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki among many others.

Kabusacki is one of the founder members of Los Gauchos Alemanes, a guitar trio that toured extensively through Europe, United States and South America as part of guitarist Robert Fripp's Soundscapes Tours and The Electric Gauchos.

Since 1992 Kabusacki performs playing music for silent films with his project La National Film Chamber Orchestra in Malba, Enerc and La TV Publica (Argentina Public Television) and composed several original soundtracks for animations, short films and movies collaborating with directors like Pablo Rodriguez Jauregui, Julia Solomonoff, Lucia Cedron, Ernesto Livon Grossman and Jorge Caterbona.

In October 2019 opened King Crimson's concerts in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile with The Quintets.


Kabusacki released 9 CDs as a solo artist: Houses I, The Planet and its beings, Luz de Oro de Chiporrita, Together, La Maravilla, The Flower and the Radio (relased in Argentina and Japan), ND Live, Luck and The Champion (relased in Argentina and Japan).

In Japan 6 collaborative records have been released: The Planet Transport, The Ten Oxherding Pictures, Kirie (Kabusacki Tokyo Session), Chichipio, Izumi (produced in collaboration with Yuji Katsui and Seiichi Yamamoto) and "Live at Kinema Club Tokyo" (Rovo + Franov/ Kabusacki/ Vazquez).

Currently plays, tours and records with Kabusacki Band, Sumo x Pettinato, Phil Manzanera, Electric Gauchos, Samalea & Kabusacki, Francisco Bochaton, Marina Fages, Ensamble de Guitarras de Coghlan, Tiny Orchestral Moments and La National Film Chamber Orchestra among many others.


Live House

Live House:
Bar Isshee
3-36-11-B1, Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:
Bar Isshee




文京区千駄木3-36-11 千駄木センチュリー21 地下1階 
「千駄木ラーメン あさくら」の地下


Small bar near Sendagi station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line).

Previously located in Shibuya, Bar Isshee moved and reopened in August 2014.


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