Riunione dell'uccello #10: Kuroyanagi Manco, hello hello john, YONMA, KO.DO.NA

2019 / 11 / 13 (Wed)
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Gari Gari - Ikenoue
Avant garde, Avant-pop, Electronic, Experimental, Grindcore
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Free (1 drink order)
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Free (1 drink order)
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Riunione dell'uccello #10: Kuroyanagi Manco, hello hello john, YONMA, KO.DO.NA


Riunione dell'uccello#10〜鳥の会議


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【Kuroyanagi Manco】
Responsible for the front desk at HAIGAN, a noise grind band active in the Tokyo underground scene. HAIGAN, which has a flashy action, changes dramatically. In solo, the expression focuses only on the voice.
This time, we will aim at the new frontier of voice with Dello with hello hello john.

【hello hello john】
Influenced by Keiji Haino, he began solo activities in 2013 under the name of hello hello john. Beginning with participation in 2013 “Hello”, the hole master singer companion, he will release many sound sources from overseas domestic labels. Express in various forms such as experimental music, cut-up collage, and electronica. ‬
This time, he played in a core form called Duo with Kyoko Yanagi.




He joined a techno-pop unit called Maruzumi brothers. Currently, I am in charge of composition for the teenage maiden song unit “Fujikawa Miyuri”. In solo performance, he plays electronic music with an edge using a modular synthesizer as the main equipment.
He also performs at the remodeled Theremin called “Picalmin”. .



After joining the club DJ, improvisation performance and contemporary music, he joined the theater company Trang. Act as an actor.
After leaving the department, I will start composing music in the play and activities by trumpet solo.
Held independent projects at Nishiazabu "BULLET'S" and Roppongi "SuperDeluxe" and continue.
Total of 5, participate in domestic and international omnibus sound sources.
In 2011, participated in "John Cage" Music circus "at Asahi Art Square (sponsored by Tomomi Adachi).
Between 2013 and 2015 a short tour will be held at NY (4 locations) and South Korea (3 locations).
In 2014, he appeared as the first Japanese musician in "Sakura Sound Festival" in Denmark. Performed at 4 places.
Released "Riunione Dell'uccello" from Copenhagen label "HIPSTER record" in 2015.
In 2017, she appeared at "Cherry Music Festival" in Copenhagen and Aalborg, Denmark. Appeared as the first Japanese musician in Aalborg. Performed in 2 places.
In addition, he is active in a wide range of performances, including stage music (OM - 2), improvisation performances (Mukai Thie, Eiichi Hayashi, Kunio Kuninaka), dance performances (Masako Fukaya, Yoko Muronoi)


Live House

Live House:
Gari Gari
Tobita Bldg B1, Daizawa 2-45-9 , Setagaya-ku
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:
Gari Gari


Right across the road from Ikenoue station on the Inokashira line.


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