TONEGÄNGER (Jakob Draminsky + SAWADA), bugs cry what (Yumiko Yoshimoto + Michio Karimata)

2019 / 12 / 07 (Sat)
Live House:
OTOOTO - Higashi Kitazawa
Avant garde, Experimental, Improvised, Krautrock, Noise
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TONEGÄNGER (Jakob Draminsky + SAWADA), bugs cry what (Yumiko Yoshimoto + Michio Karimata)


Draminsky: electroacustic melodion
Sawada: snare-drum

Formed in Tokyo early 2018 the Danish-Japanese duo, TONEGÄNGER, explores a mutual fascination of so called Krautrock. Together the two experienced musicians dive into new sonic territories build around Draminskys eletroacoustic melodion and Sawadas snare-drum-only approach, balancing beauty, tension, silence and power evoking memories of a lost instrumental paradigm.
TONEGÄNGER is the first release from the duo, it is recorded at Tokyo’s legendary club, Next Sunday, May 2018 and mixed in Copenhagen by Thomas Li.
Danish composer Jakob Draminsky develops his sonic world within the realm of stage music, live electroacoustics and improvisation. His music has been performed in Europe, The Americas and Japan. Between 1990 and 2007 he was based in Barcelona and here after he has been commuting between his native Copenhagen and Tokyo with live solo projects and collaborations.
Japanese drummer and sound engineer Morihide Sawada is based in Tokyo and Berlin. As a musician he works mainly in field of improvisation. Since 2011 he has been developing a “snare drum only” performance style which he employ in collaborating with other musicians as well as a solo act presented in Japan and Europe.


bugs cry what (improvisation duo unit)
Yumiko Yoshimoto (guitar, daxophone)
Michio Karimata (flute, soprano sax, voice, etc.)

Yumiko Yoshimoto makes herself stand out with her unconventional
guitar playing and her bold use of the rare instrument, daxophone.
The organic coexistence of breathing, speaking/singing and his
flute or soprano sax playing has always been the theme for
Michio Karimata. They have performed together since 2013.
They released the first album "bugs cry what" in July 2019.
It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Natsuki Ishikura at OTOLAB,
the studio placed in Koenji, Tokyo.

Yumiko Yoshimoto (guitar, daxophone)
Born and raised in Tokyo. After playing in rock bands, began
performing improvisation in 2006. In 2016 played in Water Tower Art
Fest in Bulgaria. Toured over 15 countries and played in more than 40
cities worldwide. Provided music for some experimental movies such as
"Hakuchumu" (Isao Yamada 2008). Collaborates with not only musicians
but dancers, poets, actors and filmmakers.

Michio Karimata (flute, soprano sax, voice, etc.)
Native of Okinawa. Graduated from Belmont University (US) with the
degree in music theory and composition. Had begun to improvise while
in school and quit composing soon after. Had played duo series with
Keiji Haino for more than 10 years. Collaborates with Butoh and
contemporary dancers.

Live House

Live House:
B1, 3-13-10 Kitazawa, Setagayaku
Higashi Kitazawa
Address (Japanese):
世田谷区北沢 3-13-10 エコロニー東北沢 B1F
Map link:
Closest stations:
Higashi-Kitazawa (3 min walk)


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