Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan), Takashi Seo (double bass), Tokutaro Hosoi (guitar), Reona (tap)

2019 / 08 / 23 (Fri)
Live House:
Shichoshitsu (Jinbocho) - Jimbocho
Acoustic, Art, Free Jazz, Improvised, Instrumental
Open Time:
Start Time:
Adv. Price:
3000yen with 1 Drink + snack
Door Price:
3300yen with 1 Drink + snack
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Takashi Seo
Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan), Takashi Seo (double bass), Tokutaro Hosoi (guitar), Reona (tap)


Shih-Yang LEE of an improvising musician, a pianist in Taiwan comes to Tokyo!! He stays in Japan for three months from August to October. I planned some gigs that great Japanese improviser played with Shih-Yang Lee. I think that a lot of splendid encounters should be born.
(Takashi Seo double bass player) 


Shih-Yang Lee, Takashi Seo Taiwan x Tokyo Improvisation Meeting

August 23 (fri) Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan) Takashi Seo (double bass) Tokutaro Hosoi (guitar) Reona (tap)
place: Shichoshitsu [Jimbocho]
8-5, Nishikanda 3chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
open 19:30 / start 20:00
Reservation 3,000 yen / day 3,300 yen / (all belonging to 1 Drink + snack)
tel: 045-251-3979


August 26 (mon) Shih-Yang Lee(piano from Taiwan) Takashi Seo (double bass) Eiichi Hayashi (alto sax) Raiga Hayashi 林頼我 (drums)
place: Knuttel House [Iriya]
1-8, Matsugaya-4Chome, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
open 19:30 / start 20:00 2500yen
tel: 03-3847-2113 (18:00~23:00)


September 7 (sat, matinee) Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan) Takashi Seo (double bass) Naoji Kondo (baritone & tenor sax)
place: sweet rain [Nakano]
Okada Building B1, 46-5, Nakano 5chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
open 13:30 / start 14:00
Tip for musicians 1000yen~
tel: 03-6454-0817


September 12 (Thu) Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan) Takashi Seo (double bass) Manabu Kitada (clarinet, bass clarinet) Akira Sotoyama (drums)
place: Koendori Classics [Shibuya]
Tokyo Yamate Church B1, 19-5, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
open 19:00 / start 19:30 ‬
Reservation 3,000 yen / day 3,300 yen
tel: 03-6310-8871

October 11 (fri) Shih-Yang Lee (piano from Taiwan) Takashi Seo (double bass) Taiichi Kamimura (tenor & soprano sax) Masao Tajima (double bass)
place: APOLLO [Shimokitazawa]
EIKO building B1, 9-22, Kitazawa 2chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
open 19:30 / start 20:00
Tip for musicians 1000yen~& 800yen (bar charge), drink order


Shih-Yang LEE (piano from Taiwan)
Shih-Yang LEE has collaborated with artists from different fields, including painting, theatre, multi-media, and dancing. He is the founder and co-leader of the improvisation ensemble, 卡到音 (Ka Dao Yin). LEE has won the Taiwan Golden Indie Music Award and Golden Melody Award of Traditional Arts and Music several times. LEE's live recording with Fred van Hove "Galactic Alignment" has won the New York City Jazz Record ''Honorary Mention'' of the New Releases of 2013. LEE has performed with drummer legend Sabu Toyozumi from Japan, pioneer of European free jazz pianist Fred van Hove from Belgium and many others including Joëlle Léandre, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, John Russell, Hans Koch, Audrey Chen, Paal Nilssen-Love, et al. LEE is the artist director and one of the founders of “Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival”.
Takashi Seo (double bass)

Takashi Seo started as a jazz basist, won the grand prix of Yokohama Jazz Promenade Competition in 2006, with Mikio Ishida trio. Since then he has been playing with many musicians such as Fumio Itabashi (pf), Aki Takase (pf), Achim Kaufmann (pf), Simon Nabatov (pf), Tristan Honsinger (cello), Akira Sakata (as), Eiichi Hayashi (as), Yukihiro Isso (Noh musician), Yoriyuki Harada (pf), Daisuke Takaoka (Tuba), Akira Sotoyama (ds), Syota Koyama (ds), Min Tanaka (dance), Jean Laurent Sasportes (dance), Reona (tap), performed in many music festivals such as Yokohama Jazz Promenade, Singaporean WOMAD, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in EZO, GREENROOM FES, SUMMER SONIC, PERCPAN (Rio de Janeiro, Salvador), ASIAN IMPROVISATION ART EXCHANGE 2010 (Seoul), International society of BASSISTS Convention 2013 (Rochester. NY), Zomer Jazz Festival (Groningen, Netherlands in 2015). Also he presides over a contrabass ensemble “Teigen” by more than 10 bassists since 2003, including Hideto Kanai, Nobuyoshi Ino, Tetsu Saito, and continues collaboration with not only jazz but also free improvisation and baroque music, world music, dance and art.

Live House

Live House:
Shichoshitsu (Jinbocho)
3-8-5 Nishi Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
東京都千代田区西神田3-8-5 ビル西神田1階
Map link:
Closest stations:
Jimbocho, Suidobashi, Kudanshita
Shichoshitsu (Jinbocho)


試聴室 神保町


5min. walk from A2 Exit of Kudanshita St. (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, Toei Mita Line)
5min. walk from West Exit of Suidobashi St. (JR Sobu Line)
7min. walk from #5 Exit of Kudanshita St. (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)


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