SæNk, Aldo Ahmad, Takahiro Kawaguchi

2019 / 06 / 01 (Sat)
Live House:
OTOOTO - Higashi Kitazawa
Avant garde, Experimental, Free Jazz, Improvised
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¥2,000 w/ 1 free drink
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SæNk, Aldo Ahmad, Takahiro Kawaguchi


sæNk solo (DK) feat. Aldo Ahmad Fithra (IDN), Takahiro Kawaguchi (川口貴大)


デンマークの電子音響Mathias Klarlund、ジョグジャカルタのパーカッショ二ストAditya Ada、川口貴大によるインスタレーション作品を体験してください。ぜひ!

sæNk is a slight portmanteau of the name Cesar Franck whose compositions was the starting point for the operation; in 2015 sæNk was a new dewy duo by playing short tight compositions and long harsh zombie-soundtrack improvisations, every session meticulously recorded and stored, mixed and mastered and some put on youtube. both original members, Mathias Klarlund & Sufie Elmgreen, has huge loves for all kinds of music that asks much from its listener, that animates and that has the ability to dip-dye blinx of eyes there has been sæNk concerts at a unesco world heritage quarry, at an old factory, at technoparties, at a farm, in castle yards and most often in the basement rehearsal room. It has been labelled wrestlejam, trustrock, emoprog and witchjazz!!!!! Since it's beginning, more members add to the duo, so far musicians from the techno scene, the doom scene and the jazz scene have been involved, come and go, but whenever they play, the main aim is at transmission, common spirits, the overwhelming and overwhelmed, the hysteric, the loud, the hushed, the scary and the beautiful. For the spring concerts in Japan 2019, the sæNk-constellation will be of founding member Mathias Klarlund together with Indonesian experimental percussionist, Aldo Ahmad Fithra. Aldo is a percussionist, teacher and composer of the experimental music using the Nusantara (Indonesia) music method and western music. He is currently studying Musical Composition at the Surakarta Indonesian Institute of Arts Postgraduate as well as studying electronic music with Tony Maryana. Aldo was member of the Total Perkusi Program Manager in Yogyakarta and Principal Perkusi in the Bandung Philharmonic Orchestra with Music Director Robert Nordling (USA) and Michael Hall (USA), made his own project named Sipaningkah and became a percussion coach in several Marching Bands in Indonesia. Aldo has also been a percussion player for several orchestras and played for chamber music, percussion ensembles, mixed ensembles and has collaborated with acknowledged musicians such as Naoto Yamagishi (Japan) Ignaz Schick (Germany) and latest, Mathias Klarlund (Denmark). The collaborative work with Mathias left many facets yet to be explored. Many of which the crowd of the Japan 2019 concerts will be heavily and intensely exposed to.


Live House

Live House:
B1, 3-13-10 Kitazawa, Setagayaku
Higashi Kitazawa
Address (Japanese):
世田谷区北沢 3-13-10 エコロニー東北沢 B1F
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Closest stations:
Higashi-Kitazawa (3 min walk)


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