2019 / 05 / 24 (Fri)
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Chelsea Hotel - Shibuya
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クリストフ・ミオセックは30年以上フランスのロックシーンで活躍しているアーティストです。この高名なブルターニュの作曲家であり演奏家であるクリストフ・ミオセックはジョニー・アリディ、ジェーン・バーキン、アラン・バシュン、ジュリエット・グレコ、ノルウェン・ルロワ等数々の音楽家の曲を発表し、彼の11枚目のアルバム「Les Rescapés(生き残ったもの)」を発表したばかりです。なぜこの タイトルなのか?なぜなら「Les Rescapés(生き残ったもの)」という言葉は相反する空気を含んでおり、時には悲しみを思い起こさせ、時には楽観主義的な意味をもつ言葉であるからです。この「生き残った」状況におかれたものは誰しも、傷、障害、喪失、苦悩、失望を乗り越え、「生き残った」という事だからです。おそらく、このアルバムは長い苦しみの旅の結果、特別であろうとする願い:そこから彼の音楽を通して、男、女、人間を感じることができるのではないでしょうか。

The French singer, Miossec, has a captivating presence whenever he graces the stage. His voice is strong and forthright, but has a grace that swoons the audience.

Miossec has the dynamics to sing a soft, heart-felt ballad, as well as a fast paced rock song with punk undertones. His music is often epic and has the tendency to build up to emotive apexes and melt down in a fluid drift of beauty. His backing band is highly competent and focuses strongly on piano leads. The piano playing is often presented in a minor chord progression, which evokes a pathos to the music. He often draws comparison to Morrissey because of his ability to immediately wrap the audience in a blanket of emotions with his seductive like singing presentation.

Miossec has a nonchalant characteristic about his stage presence that ends up further engrossing the audience into his mysterious charisma. Guitars often are presented over Miossec’s musical landscape, which incorporates the use of slight delay and swelling reverb that adds an atmospheric quality to his music. The background music is the perfect pedestal for Miossec’s voice, which allows him to exert his sincere voice over the beautiful music. It is not infrequent that he is backed by orchestral instruments such as the violin and cello, which adds a sense of class and intricacy to the music.

Miossec’s music has also been presented in a style similar to the power-pop genre with jaunty piano playing, vocal harmonies and jagged guitar rhythms. Whenever he plays songs in this style like “La Facture d’electricite” there is a strong presence of energy that sweeps through the venue. Miossec has surely proven himself to be a well versed performer that is able to pump out a highly catchy pop song as well as he can mesmerize the audience with his crooning ballads.


Live House

Live House:
Chelsea Hotel
4-7-B1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:
Chelsea Hotel


On Shibuya Map From the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station, walk down Centre-Gai (the famous walking street next to the big Tsutaya and Starbucks) until you reach the end, and turn right. Then left at the T-inteserction. Turn right at Tokyu Hands. Chelsea Hotel is on the left hand side, next to Star Lounge.


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