Sublime Frequencies Documentary Night

2019 / 05 / 21 (Tue)
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Uplink Factory - Shibuya
World, Film
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Sublime Frequencies Documentary Night


Sublime Frequencies showcase featuring documentary films and DJ Talking Machine playing music from Bollywood and beyond.

Directors in attendence for discussions, talks and questions after the films.

Vodoun Gods On The Slave Coast


ヒシャム・マイェット Hisham Mayet


This World is Unreal Like A Snake in A Rope

ロバート・ミリス Robert Millis

55分 2011年


DJ Talking Machine

大石始 Hajime Oishi

大城真 Makoto Oshiro


Vodoun Gods On The Slave Coast

Vodoun Gods On The Slave Coast explores ceremony, sacred dance and ritual in Benin, the birthplace of Vodoun (Vodoo). Formerly known as Dahomey, Benin was also called the Slave Coast due to its importance in the trans-Atlantic slave trade from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Today, the worship of Vodoun gods remains integral to everyday life in Benin. Shot in January 2011 during the country's annual Vodoun celebrations, this film offers an impressionistic glimpse of the major ceremonies associated with this ancient religion. Sublime Frequencies


Hishamam Mayet

Hisham Mayet is a film maker, photographer, and musical researcher, born in Libya. As co-founder and co-owner of the Sublime Frequencies label (along with Alan Bishop), Mayet has realized multiple documentary films and music recordings over the course of the label's 16 year existence.



This World is Unreal Like A Snake in A Rope

Robert Millis 55分 2011年

A “you are there” documentary journey through the Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, street and temple music, festivals, loud cities, ancient temples, processions, fireworks, and more. India is impossible to know: it is old and new, rich and poor, quiet and chaotic. Offered here is one perspective, filmed live and in the moment, with an emphasis on India's complex and mesmerizing sounds. 

Robert Millis (DJ Talking Machine)

Robert Millis is a musician, Fulbright scholar (to India) and sound artist. He has worked extensively with the Sublime Frequencies label and released music under the name Climax Golden Twins. His most recent projects were the books Indian Talking Machine and  Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road.


Live House

Live House:
Uplink Factory
Udagawacho 37-18, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
東京都渋谷区宇田川町37-18 トツネビル1F
Closest stations:
Uplink Factory


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