All My Friends Tokyo Party #31 March Edition

2019 / 03 / 01 (Fri)
Live House:
Beat Cafe - Shibuya
DJ, Hip-Hop, Indie, Party, R n B
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All My Friends Tokyo Party #31 March Edition



Tokyo’s getting warmer! After a long winter we’re pumped to begin to ring in the warmer months with the March edition of All My Friends Tokyo!

Every first Friday of the month we’e got Tokyo’s favourite late-night indie night, and this time is no exception with our All My Friends DJ’s laying down all bangers & no mash all night long.
Get in before it gets too busy and don’t forget there’s free pizza at midnight too!

As usual we've got:
-Free entry!
-Cheap drinks!
-Your fave indie music from 9pm-5am!
-Free dominos pizza!
-Some random tequila shots thrown in throughout the night!

We'll see you on March 1st for the return of All My Friends Tokyo!


All My Friends Partyを30回もぶっちぎりでやってから、31回目のパーティを3月1日にします!

-フリーのDominos Pizza


Live House

Live House:
Beat Cafe
2-13-5-B1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku
Address (Japanese):
東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-13-5 B1
Closest stations:
Shibuya, Shinsen
Beat Cafe


Small bar with DJ events.


At the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station, you'll see big Hachiko crossing (with the big Tsutaya and Starbucks). Take the left street towards 109. 109 is in the centre of a Y-intersection, take the right street (Bunkamura-dori) and walk until you get to Bunkamura. Follow the street as it goes to the left of Bunkamura and take the 2nd street on the left (with Shibuya Hotel En on the corner). Go up the hill and pass Club Asia on your right, and then pass O-East and Duo Music Exchange on your left. Look for a corner building on the left with Gateway Studio and Alcatraz in it, across from Hotel Star Crescent. There is no sign for Beat Cafe but it is in the basement of this building with a couple of other bars.


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