MORGAN SALON Two Views: Photos, talk show, music

2018 / 12 / 15 (Sat)
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Morgan Salon - Daitabashi
Ambient, Art, Improvised, Instrumental, Minimal
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MORGAN SALON Two Views: Photos, talk show, music



>>> MORGAN SALON #17: TWO VIEWS: Photo Show with Music, and Talk Show <<<
By acclaimed photographers MI-YEON and UMA KINOSHITA, with live music by MORGAN FISHER 

The very first Morgan Salon event featured the noted New York street photographer MISHA ERWITT
This time we present contemporary photographers, MI-YEON and UMA KINOSHITA.

Morgan Fisher (keyboardist of Mott the Hoople, Queen, Yoko Ono, etc.) will improvise music to slide shows by these two remarkable photographers, who will talk about their works, and respond to any questions the audience may have.

Mi-Yeon's work has always been contemplative, pondering her place in the world, the interaction between "I" and "Thou."
Her latest exhibitions in Japan and France were called "I-Thou" and her book titles include "Alone Together," "Who Might You Be?" "Love Land" and "I Was Born." Her work can be monochrome or, as is often the case with Korean artists, vivid and colourful, but deeply existential, expressing the mystery of the present moment, wherever you may be. She has lived many years in Japan and that influence shows in those prints of hers that utilise Japanese "washi" paper. She has also written a novel, short stories and poems, and has learned to hand-bind her recent books.
View Mi-Yeon's photographs HERE.

Uma Kinoshita, self-taught photographer based in Tokyo, started to take photographs in 2004. Her initial interests were in the woman’s body and her emotions. Her nude works won several awards and were shown at home and abroad.
The appalling Tohoku earthquake in March 2011 drastically changed her photography. She created two portfolios ,“Lost in Fukushima” then "Prayer in Stricken Land," both now in the Fukushima Museum collection. They contrast the impressively stark post-tsunami landscapes with the vitality of the inhabitants holding a religious festival. Her new work, "In Silence and In Sorrow" uses hand-made "Kamikawasaki-washi" paper from Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, made following a 1000-year tradition. Her hand-bound book of this new portfolio is small, like a prayer book, but the poignantly beautiful images resonate with powerful sorrow and holy silence. They are not sad. They are real, as when we bow to the inevitable.
View Uma Kinoshita's photographs HERE.

Entry is 3000 yen with reservation, 3500 without reservation, payable at the door.
Complimentary WINE, tea, juice and snacks will be served in the interval.

Reservation is suggested, as seating is limited to 35 persons.
Please reserve by clicking HERE to send an email, with your name and phone number.
Or write to < morganfff [AT] > Please title your email 2VIEWS
A confirmation message and map will be sent to you.
But if you feel like just coming on the day without a reservation, we'll fit you in!
We look forward to meeting you!


モーガン サロン #17: 「2つのビュー」

最初のMorgan Salonイベントは、ニューヨークのストリート写真家、MISHA ERWITTを特集しました。
今回は現代写真家の2人を紹介します:MI-YEON (ミーヨン) UMA KINOSHITA (ユマ・キノシタ).

モーガン・フィッシャーはキーボード上の音楽を即興演奏し、これら2人の素晴らしい写真家によるスライドショーを行います。 また、それぞれの写真家が作品について話し、最後にQ&Aセッションが行われます。

ミーヨンは、韓国ソウル生まれ。1988年渡仏。パリ写真学校「icart photo」で写真を学ぶ。1991年より東京在住。"存在すること"の確かさと不確かさを問う表現に取り組んでいる。彼女はいくつかの注目すべき写真集を作った。本は親密な方法で、彼女の芸術の熟考的な質を示す。著書『Alone Together』では、見つめることによって対象物とひとつになり、大勢の人のなかにいると、“無数の私” 、“大きい私” のなかに自分が消えていく感覚が表現されている。『よもぎ草子ーあなたはだれですか』は、一本の草を定点撮影した作品群。手製本『I and Thou』は、哲学者マルチンブーバーの同名の著書からインスパイアされたシリーズだ。現在は「私」とはなにかを問うシリーズと、聖地を訪ねるプロジェクトを同時に進めている。

● ミーヨンの写真ポートフォリオはこちらからご覧いただけます:

Uma Kinoshitaは東京を拠点とする独学の写真家。 最初の関心は女性の身体と彼女の感情にあった。 ヌード写真は数々の賞を受賞し、国内外で展示されました。2011年3月の東北地方太平洋沖地震により、写真が大きく変わった。 「Lost in Fukushima」と「Prayer in Stricken Land」の2つのポートフォリオを作成しました。いずれも福島県立博物館のコレクションにあります。 地震後の荒涼とした景色と、宗教祭を催している住人の活力とを対比しています。 キノシタさん新しい作品「In Silence and In Sorrow ー しんと悲しみが満ちる地で ー」は、1000年の伝統を守って、福島県日本松から手作りの「上川崎和紙」紙を使用しています。 この新しいポートフォリオの手作りの本は、祈りの本のように小さいです。 鋭いけれど美しい写真は、強力な悲しみと聖なる沈黙で輝きます。 これらの写真は悲しいものではありません。私たちが避けられないことに向き合う時の姿をありのままに伝えるものです。

● Uma Kinoshitaの写真ポートフォリオはこちらからご覧いただけます:

*** ワイン、茶、おつまみサービス! ***

参加費:前売 3000円, 当日 3500円 (当日集めさせていただきます)


または < morganfff [AT] > 宛に、メールしてください。



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Morgan Salon


Just two stops from Shinjuku on the Keio Line, Morgan Salon is the personal music/art studio of Morgan Fisher, a resident of Tokyo since 1985. Morgan is a British keyboard player and has played with many well-known bands since the 70's, including Mott the Hoople and Queen, and Japanese artists Yoko Ono, Haruomi Hosono, Yellow Monkey, The Boom, Kina Shoukichi and others. From 2003 to 2013 he performed a series of 100 solo ambient improv shows at Superdeluxe (Nishi-Azabu), featuring his collection of vintage analog keyboards and projections of his abstract light paintings. In 2013 he began a new series of solo concerts in his studio. He also invites other musicians and artists to give performances there, in the spirit of the salons of Paris in the 20's, or the lofts of New York in the 60's.


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