Ciara Shaughnessy Band, Samm Bennett and Hisa Nakase

2018 / 12 / 14 (Fri)
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Never Never Land - Shimokitazawa
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Ciara Shaughnessy Band, Samm Bennett and Hisa Nakase


This is gonna be a great night! It'll be alternating sets from Ciara Shaughnessy and her band AND Samm Bennett with bassist Hisa Nakase. Some of you may know Hisa as the bass player in Samm's New Orleans second line-style band, King Cake Baby, or from any of a number of bands he plays with around town, INCLUDING... Ciara's band! Speaking of Ciara, she is blessed with an absolutely lovely voice and her material is chosen carefully from the North American country and folk canon, plus some Irish and other material. Check out her Facebook page at: 

There's a full bar and some very tasty food available (the curry, the onigiri and pickles sets are highly recommended.) We'll do alternating 20 to 25 minute sets: Bennett-Nakase followed by Ciara's band, and then once more like that. Ace soundman Kato Yasuhito will be at the mixing desk, so you can be assured of top notch sound for the evening as well! Guaranteed to please.NNL

Live House

Live House:
Never Never Land
Kitazawa 3-19-3 2F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
東京都世田谷区北沢3-19-3 2F
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Never Never Land


A long-running [since 1978] bar/restaurant/live music spot featuring a funky, well-worn ambience and variety of musical genres presented.


TEL: 03-3465-0737

DIRECTIONS TO NEVER NEVER LAND: Take a right turn out of the north exit at Shimokitazawa station. Walk straight along the pedestrian shopping street (past Caldi Coffee Farm and Segafredo) until you come to a T-intersection. Turn right again and walk a short block till you see the giant Pepsi can and the MOS BURGER. Turn left there, then right again at the next T-intersection. You will see a big SHIMOKITAZAWA sign at the end of that street. There you take a left, and you will soon see NOAH SOUND STUDIO. Never Never Land is directly acrosss the street from NOAH, on the second floor, just above the smaller NOAH Piano Annex. 


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