Tintin patrone, suzueri, Yuma Takeshita

2018 / 12 / 01 (Sat)
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Ftarri - Suidobashi
Abstract, Avant garde, Experimental, Improvised
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Tintin patrone, suzueri, Yuma Takeshita


Tintin Patrone Japan Tour.

The cutest drone improviser, composer and researcher of microtonality and music of animals is the first appearing in Tokyo!


Tintin Patrone (from Germany) (trombone)

Yuma Takeshita (electro bass)

suzueri (prepared piano, handmade instruments)


TINTIN PATRONE (drone --- Hamburg)

Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer and sound-artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Her minimal sound work and long duration performances are essentially shaped by her researches in microtonality and music making animals like the chanting huskies from Yukon Territory, Canada or the Thai Elephant Orchestra from Northern Thailand.

Tintin is studying the emotional impact of music mainly concerned with the principled relationship between form and function in evolved animal signals. She is making music that explores spatial resonance and tonal interference. Her improvised music relies on the perceptual effects of controlled tones to re-calibrate the listener’s relationship to natural sound. Her work moves gradually through a series of long, sustained tones played by trombone and various modulation devices.




Yuma Takeshita (electro bass)

Yuma Takeshita started playing experimental / improvised music around 2001.

After moving to Tokyo in 2011 he began constructing his own instruments by modifying an electronic-bass guitar with different sound modules and machines.

・"the most impressive was Takeshita, who fluently improvised with his electronically extended instrument. Since the 1970’s, free improvisation has been one of the biggest challenges in the field of live electronic music and new instruments with a lineage of novel attempts such as Gordon Mumma’s Ambivex(*1) and Nic Collins’ Trombonepropelled Electronics(*2). It was obvious that what Takeshita played was more than a gadget, but an instrument that reflected actual playing experience in unpredictable situations and enabled him to achieve a distinct musical voice.“ - https://www.realtokyo.co.jp/en/performance/bar-isshee-sendagi_june-5-2018/

・”he began building his own electronic bass, an instrument that slowly developed through his love of modified sounds and textures. It would go on to become a large component of his music and aid him in his endeavors to eschew traditional electronic creation.“ - https://noogatoday.6amcity.com/the-tape-deck-june-2017/


suzueri (prepared piano, handmade instruments)


Live House

Live House:
Okano Bld.B1, 1-4-11, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
文京区本郷1-4-11 岡野ビル地下一階
Closest stations:
Suidobashi, Korakuen, Hongo-sanchome


CD shop/live venue

113-0033 文京区本郷1-4-11 岡野ビル地下一階 (金刀比羅神社の向かいのビルです)
JR水道橋駅徒歩5分、都営三田線水道橋駅徒歩3分、丸の内線 / 南北線後楽園駅・本郷三丁目駅徒歩8分


mail: info@ftarri.com

Tel. 03-6240-0884 (4:00pm-8:00pm)


5 min. walk from East Exit of Suidobashi St. (JR Sobu Line)

3 min. walk from A1 Exit of Suidobashi St. (Toei Mita Line)

8 min. walk from #1 Exit of Korakuen St. (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line)

8 min. walk from #1 Exit of Hongo 3 chome St. (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi/Nanboku Line)


Across from Kompira Shrine



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