Hubble Deep Fields Trio, 篠原 篤一 Solo

2018 / 12 / 07 (Fri)
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Nanahari - Hatchobori
Avant garde, Ambient, Abstract, Electronic, Experimental
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Hubble Deep Fields Trio, 篠原 篤一 Solo


○高島 正志 Masashi Takashima as Drums, GITM
○竹下 勇馬 Yuma Takeshita as Electro Bass
○徳永 将豪 Masahide Tokunaga as Alto Sax
*河野 円さんは諸事情により今回、不参加
音源 (sound source)
高島正志 Masashi Takashima: dr, GITM, compose
→現在まで多彩なミュージシャン・アーティストと活動し、小泉八雲「怪談」、「アミ・モノ そこにあっただけの庭」、「始原の断片」などを企画・主催・演奏。「Holon/Drone」「ASTROCYTE」のCDがある。2018年から竹下勇馬、河野円、徳永将豪を迎え、4人編成の「HUBBLE DEEP FIELDS」を始める。
竹下 勇馬 Yuma Takeshita: self modified electro bass
《《》》metsu, サラダマイカル富岡製糸場グループ、2017年にはソロアルバム「Mechanization」, 中村としまると「Occurence, Differentiation」などがある。
徳永 将豪 Masahide Tokunaga: alto sax
→山口市生まれ、東京在住音楽家、即興、アルト・サックス奏者。Slub Musicレーベルより『Alto Saxophone』、HitorriレーベルよりCD『Alto Saxophone 2』、『Bwoouunn: Fleeting Excitement』をリリース
Masashi Takashima: dr, GITM, compose
→ Acting with a variety of musicians and artists until now. i had organized performances such as Koizumi Yakumo "Ghost Story", "Ami-Mono Garden just existence" and "Origin of Fragment". There are a CD of "Holon / Drone", "ASTROCYTE".
i started "HUBBLE DEEP FIELDS" with 4 person formation Yuma Takeshita, Madoka Kono, Masahide Tokunaga from 2018.
Yuma Takeshita: self modified electro-bass
→ Starting improvisation / experimental music performance in Kansai around 2001. 2011 After Tokyo immigration, use modified electro-bass with sound / drive module. attempting the physical body to be instruments by constructing mechanisms and circuits.
works: 《《》》Metsu, Salad Mycal Tomioka Silk Working Group, solo album" Mechanization "in 2017," Occurence, Differentiation"with Toshimaru Nakamura.
Masahide Tokunaga: alto sax
→ Born in Yamaguchi city. living in Tokyo as a musician.
improvizer, alto saxophonist. "Alto Saxophone" from the Slub Music label, CD "Alto Saxophone 2" and "Bwoouunn: Fleeting Excitement" released from Hitorri label
○篠原 篤一Solo 弾き語り
篠原 篤一 Tokuichi Shinohara as Voice, Song, Acoustic Guitar
昭和58年 葛飾区に生まれる。 2000年頃よりパンクバンドsmell で活動開始。 平行してソロ活動を行う。 contonovo、pinga、かまどうまのメンバー。 郡山に移住したり、戻ってきたりで現在に至る。
Tokuichi Shinohara Solo (Minstrel)
Born in the Katsushika district of Showa 58.
Began activity with punk band 「smell」 around 2000.
and he performed solo activities in parallel.
playing a member of「Contonovo」, 「pinga」, Kamaduma」.
now he had moved to Koriyama and came back to Tokyo again in the present.
★About HDF
"50% of the technology to observe the night sky is a visual problem, and 50% is the problem of imagination. "
There is the above sentence in introduction of Chet Raymo "The soul of the night". HDF is more than the context of music, rather physical phenomena
I think that it is a gathering of people with sensitivity to musical instruments embodied by sound and phenomenon, personal sensitivity.
If the narrative favorite by humans is to be evoked from the sound as a physical phenomenon or from the outer and inner image, this sense may be the most primitive sensation and may not be separated.
A sound that develops in this field is an attempt to increase the resolution from an abstract sound image to a primitive sensation.
It would be a great pleasure if the four sounds were able to help raise the imagination of the listener. Please do not miss this field.

Live House

Live House:
Oriental Bldg. B1, 2-7-1 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku
Address (Japanese):
東京都中央区新川2-7-1オリエンタルビル地下 七針
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Started in February 2006, Nana Hari ( 七針 / .ftftftf. ) has been offering its space as a showcase for painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, musicians, dancers and many other types of artists to present their works to the public, especially to the other artists, and encouraging mutual support and information exchange. The activity is briefly following the principle of alternative space or artist-run initiatives, yet has been reforming to confront the present scene. 

3 minute walk from Hatchobori station on the Hibiya line. 


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