Ytterlandet (Sture Ericson (sax), Henrik Olsson (gt), Håkon Berre (ds)) with Takashi Sugawa (bass)

2018 / 10 / 01 (Mon)
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Apollo - Shimokitazawa
Free Jazz, Improvised
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Tip (for musicians 1000yen~) + drink order, bar charge (800yen)
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APOLLO Shimokitazawa
Ytterlandet (Sture Ericson (sax), Henrik Olsson (gt), Håkon Berre (ds)) with Takashi Sugawa (bass)


Ytterlandet means outer country. Emanating from the remote north of Europe, three explorers are mixing their own brew of improv. Curious listeners are invited to experience the discoveries of their sound chemistry - where the ear may be exposed to unknown landscapes, as well as reminiscenses of freejazz and noise. A sound palette with ingredients like: edgy guitar, sax/clarinet optionally prepared and/or deconstructed, and an extended field of percussion with things intended or unintended for music. Each time a new sonic picture is drawn on the blank canvas of time. And, interestingly enough, the picture that is manifesting itself will not look/sound the same for any two listeners... 

Sture Ericson (SE) – sax, clarinet has long experience within experimental music drawing from working bands with Axel Dörner, Raymond Strid, Joe Williamson and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, to ad hoc epiphanies with Derek Bailey, Otomo Yoshihide and Paul Lovens.   

Henrik Olsson (SE) – guitar, focuses on exploring the sonic possibilities of both the electric and acoustic guitar. He can be heard in various constellations: bands like his own well-reviewed Penumbra Ensemble, the LoFi-trash-drone project The Hum and the trio EHM.     

Håkon Berre (NO) – percussion, being among the fortunate collaborators with Peter Brötzmann, he has expanded his musical territory into a multitude of directions in various collaborations with Phil Minton, Liudas Mockunas, Peter Friis Nielsen and Susana Santos Silva.


Takashi Sugawa (bass, cello)

Born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, in February 1982. Takashi began his music career at age 11 playing classical cello, then switched to bass when he was 18. After graduated Berklee College of Music in 2006, Takashi moved to Brooklyn, NY., where he met Masabumi Kikuchi, whose music and art exerted a strong influence on Takashi. In 2009, Takashi left New York and returned to Japan, settling in Tokyo. He joined the Terumasa Hino Quintet in 2010, and had been became a regular member of the band for 6 years. Takashi is currently playing with several other bands as well, including the Kosuke Mine Quartet, Tamaya Honda Trio, and Michiyo Yagi Trio. 

Takashi has performed at such jazz festivals as The Montreux (CH), Tokyo Jazz (JP), Like a jazz machine fes (LU), The Wangaratta, Brisbane (AU) and the Mores Festival (DE) etc. 

Live House

Live House:
B1 2-9-22 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
Address (Japanese):
東京都世田谷区北沢2-9-22 EIKO下北沢ビル地下1階
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Closest stations:



TEL: 090-2906-8082


Directions: Come out of Shimokitazawa Station (Odakyu line) SOUTH exit (Minami-guchi) and go LEFT (NOT toward McDonald's). That street ends shortly and you'll have to go RIGHT. Then take your first LEFT again, then your next RIGHT. Apollo will be on your right, it's in the basement level.


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