Sithter, Lifeblood, GUEVNNA

2018 / 10 / 15 (Mon)
Live House:
Ruby Room - Shibuya
Doom, Hard Rock, Metal, Party, Rock
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1,000JPY (incl. 1 drink)
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Sithter, Lifeblood, GUEVNNA


Low Charge Rock/Metal Show!!


Originally formed in 2006 under the name PsychoToBlack, after numerous personnel changes, a handful of filed missing person reports and a ritual or two in the black arts, Tokyo’s Sithter eventually emerged, dragged into sunlight.
Influenced by the traditional sludge metal of bands like Grief, Eyehategod and Buzzoven, after leaving his previous outfit MONE\I$GOD in 2007, guitarist Hyo “Noise Fucker” Kagawa brought with him experiments in doom and dark psychedelia, alongside drummer Takefumi Matsuda and vocalist/guitarist Hiroyuki Takano. Completed by the arrival of newest member Wahei Gotoh on bass in 2013 ? kidnapped from the heavy cosmic rock band Dhidalah ? the quartet quickly became masters of the “Sonic Death Sludge” sound.
Following the release of 2009’s “The Last Temptation” EP, they released their first full-length album “Evilfucker” on the Russian doom label Bad Road Records, a split with Seoul-based death metal trio Gonguri and 2nd full-length “Chaotic Fiend”.
The inaugural taste of which can be sampled via the track “Masque of the Black Death”, a poisonous and molasses thick assault on all senses.


Formed by Shohei Asai(Vo/Gt) and Yusuke Akitaya(Ba) to create slow and dismal music. Before they found a drummer, they recorded 1st demo “demo 2013” with the help of drum machine.

In January, Jun Kato joined as a support drummer and started to play gigs around Tokyo area.
In May, they organized a show “Yukiguni #1” in Tokyo and shared the stage with Anatomia, Ampulheta, Fra Hedensk Tid, and Middian.
In November, they organized a show “Yukiguni #2” in Tokyo again and shared the stage with Funeral Moth, Redsheer, Albiorix Requiem, and Deathlike Silence.

In september, they released 1st album “Shattered Wishes” from Japanese extreme metal label Weird Truth Productions.

In February, they played a show in Taiwan.
In summer, Yuki Koyama(Dr) joined as a permanent member.

In December, they organized a show "Into The Deep" and shared the stage with GxFxFx, lantanaquamara and Suthpire at Pit Bar

In September, they organized a show "Into The Deep vol.2" and share the stage with Downfall, Floaters, Galga Falmul and Worship Pain.




Live House

Live House:
Ruby Room
2F Kasumi Bldg, Dogenzaka 2-25-17, Shibuya
Address (Japanese):
東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-25−17 カスミビル2F
Closest stations:
Ruby Room


Directions: From Hachiko Crossing in front of Shibuya station, go left up Dogenzaka street. Turn right in front of Shibuya 109. Take the first left (after a musical instrument store). Then take the first right at the brick building and go up the hill (not the stairs). Find Ruby Room on the second floor on your right, above a restaurant, before a carpark.


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