Trio SONONI: 西島 芳 (piano/voice), 市野元彦 (guitar), 外山 明 (drums)  

2017 / 04 / 08 (Sat)
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Apollo - Shimokitazawa
Acoustic, Jazz
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hat money (for musicians 1000yen~), drink order, bar charge
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APOLLO Shimokitazawa
Trio SONONI: 西島 芳 (piano/voice), 市野元彦 (guitar), 外山 明 (drums)  


Kaori Nishijima / Biography

Pianist/Composer Kaori Nishijima was born in 1969. She began to learn the piano when she was 4 years old. After her graduation from Hiroshima University (Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences), she studied the basics of Jazz at AN Contemporary School of Music in Kyoto. She started her career as a performer, composer and teacher in 1995 in Kyoto, Japan.

 The first album “Kneeling Woman Behind Foot Of The King” was released by Candy Label in 1998. It contains 7 her early compositions and several other songs. The title tune is a composition inspired by Egyptian Pyramid wall paintings, and two songs by memories of her time in Shanghai.

From 1998 to 2001 she lived in Tokyo, and built her career by playing many clubs and hotels. She also headed trios, quartets, quintets, and others various bands during this period.

In 2004 she formed ties with Chiaki Ogasawara (vocal) for ’GOTOKU’. Their albums “GOTOKU 1st (2007)” and “GOTOKU 2nd (2010)” are both contain original simple acoustic music with Japanese lyrics. She began to sing more often from this point on.

In 2011 she released two albums from her own label; Niteco Music. The album “Kazoku Zou Goes Traveling (2011)” was inspired by a ceramic work gifted to her from the artist OGATA Toshiaki for celebrating her first child’s birth. It contains suite music with 9 compositions, an art booklet, postcards in a unique package, all designed by herself. On the album “Side by Pop” , she challenged self-recording for the first time.

In 2012 she lived in Sweden for 1 year, and the atomosphere of Scandinavia gave her great inspiration, especially regarding in free improvisation. During her stay in Sweden, she recorded her 7th leader album “White in Dark (DIW The Grace)” with Yasuhito Mori (contrabass) and Anders Kjellberg (drums) at Nilento Studio in Göteborg 2013. Also her composition was featured by Bohuslän Big Band, and she played as a special member in the Lina Nyberg Band.

In 2014 she returned to Sweden for several concerts, including performances with her recording members at Nefertiti. She also collaborated on a project with Göteborg Operans Danskompani.

In October 2015 she is going to visit Sweden for the 3rd time. Her motivation and interest in music and art in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, and perspective on performing in these regions with her Japanese ‘home’ members continues to bloom.

She’s currently leading 2 new projects.

“Trio-SONONI” with Motohiko Ichino (guitar) & Akira Sotoyama (drums).

“Ensemble Shippolly” with Tsutomu Takei (clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax), Yuki Nakayama (trombone), Rabito Arimoto (trumpet, flugelhorn, bass clarinet).

Live House

Live House:
B1 2-9-22 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
Address (Japanese):
東京都世田谷区北沢2-9-22 EIKO下北沢ビル地下1階
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TEL: 090-2906-8082


Directions: Come out of Shimokitazawa Station (Odakyu line) SOUTH exit (Minami-guchi) and go LEFT (NOT toward McDonald's). That street ends shortly and you'll have to go RIGHT. Then take your first LEFT again, then your next RIGHT. Apollo will be on your right, it's in the basement level.


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