Virtaranta Okuda Berger trio, Cal Lyall + Darren Moore + Daniel James Ross, Gujyogacrayon, HUH

2017 / 04 / 06 (Thu)
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Three - Shimokitazawa
Avant garde, Experimental, Free Jazz
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Virtaranta Okuda Berger trio, Cal Lyall + Darren Moore + Daniel James Ross, Gujyogacrayon, HUH


HUH presents "BHND #2"

Virtaranta Okuda Berger trio (from Germany) 
Ghost Bastards (Cal Lyall + Darren Moore) + Daniel James Ross (from UK) 
Gujyo ga crayon

DJ: Evil Penguin / Belle


Virtaranta – Okuda – Berger Trio (from Berlin / Germany)

VOB (Jaka, Rieko and Antti), a trio exploring the small and minimal in improvisation. Prepared drums, Viola and Doublebass creates a unique and vibrant palette of sound to be formed and reformed into their musical pieces. Any sound can be taken and manipulated to create the compositions. The focus of the group lies in its role-less performance where every musician is responsible for rhythm, harmony and melody. With their different backgrounds musically and culturally, these three musicians bring these various ideas to the trio’s music.


Daniel James Ross (from UK)

He is a composer. He likes electronics and instruments put together with algorithms.
One quarter of Mega Trio, one half of Roddart. Maker of Beethoven Was Wrong radio show on Resonance FM.


Cal Lyall

Born in Montreal, Cal Lyall studied electronic composition and jazz performance in Quebec, eventually moving westward in Canada to teach music and perform. An interest in diverse musical forms led to intense travel and study throughout Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent, including lengthy visits to India, Pakistan and Iran. A visit to Japan in 1998 led to long-term residency in Tokyo, where he is currently active as a sound artist focusing on improvisation, folk music and urban noise.

Involved in the arts scene in Japan for over fifteen years, he has organized large-scale performances involving both Japanese and overseas artists, while also remaining a key member of a number of musical groups which have toured both locally and internationally. His musical activities are documented on over 30 albums he has both produced (including three full-length compilations released on medama records in Japan) and contributed to as a writer or musician. As a curator, he established the monthly Test Tone concert series in 2005 at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe. Featuring over a thousand distinct artists over its 9 year run, it reached its 100th installment in 2014. 

With an active performance schedule in Japan and past tours through Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, China, Korea, Australia and the US, he also heads up the Subvalent record label and oversees the Tokyo Hub of Jolt Sonic Arts (Australia).


Darren Moore

Born in Scotland, raised in Australia and based in Tokyo, Darren Moore (b. 1974) is a drummer and electronic musician who is always moving forward. Driven by his passion for artistic expression, Darren is continually challenging himself to explore new territory. 

Creative improvisation is central to his practice maintaining a through-line in his approach to varying projects and activities. His current projects include free-improv group Game of Patience, audio-visual duo Black Zenith, Carnatic rhythm based percussion duo of Darren Moore/Suresh Vaidyanathan, free jazz unit the Tim O'Dwyer Trio, as well as bio-art project 'cellF'.

Darren's musical journey began when he starting playing drums at 14 years old in his home town of Perth, Australia. His early musical experiences where playing rock music in the underground local music scene before entering the Western Australian Conservatorium where he completed a Certificate in Classical Percussion in 1993 and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Drumming in 1997. 

After graduating from university, Darren moved to London which proved to very formative to his development as musician through having exposure to the broad range of musical experiences. Darren returned to Australia in 2002 where he lived in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2006 Darren moved to Singapore to become a Lecture in Music at Lasalle College of the Arts where he taught drum set, popular music studies and creative improvisation. Darren is a passionate teacher who believes strongly in nurturing the next generation of musicians. His commitment to education saw Darren complete a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium in 2013 which looked at the adaptation of Carnatic Indian rhythms to the drum set.

The move to Singapore saw him expand his activities and network to become active on the jazz and experimental music scenes in South East Asia and Japan. In Singapore, Darren was a driving force in the jazz and experimental music scenes performing regularly and organising events with under the banner of the C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental Music Series. Darren was the artistic director for the 2008, 2010 and 2015 C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental Music Festivals. In 2014 he was also the artistic director for the Singapore leg of the Australian sound art festival Liquid Architecture.

Darren moved to Tokyo in mid-2015 and has since been active playing with many of the Tokyo scene's more adventurous improvisers and has quickly established himself as an exciting new voice on the Tokyo music scene.



GUNJOGACRAYON, who have been supporting Japanese underground music scene under the obscure and mysterious veil, were formed as a four- or five-piece outfit around a guitarist Tadashi KUMIHARA and a keyboardist Fumio OHMORI in the late 1970s. Their peculiar soundscape with violently scattered piano sounds, weird and tricky voices or a sticky guitar psychedelia could amaze and perplex(!) lots of reviewers and audience. They are famous for not only the sound as above mentioned but also the rarity of their studio works (surprisingly they have released only three official albums for over 30 years). Ryuichi Professor SAKAMOTO does approve Tadashi's avantgarde guitar technique and took charge of the dub-mix of 35 in their debut album.
GUNJOGACRAYON broke up into two pieces in December, 2009.

Full revival in 2012. They also actively interact with other artists and develop ambitious and liberal playing activities without ever. And, In 2016 They released the new album "GunJo ga Crayon" after 22 years.



They are Freeform-freakout / Noise jazz duo formed in July 2007 in Tokyo Japan by Kyosuke Terada (guitar/voice) & Takuma Mori (drums/voice).
They disregard the methodology that already exists.They keep looking for the melting point of the groove and noise,  junk , no wave , punk , jazz by free form improvisation.

They have various releases, that not limiter to the domestic,and regardless to the form. 

And planing many many independence events in Tokyo.They began independence label "OOOSOUND" with GEVABOW and VAU! in Tokyo since 2012. EU tour 13th to 27th Jan 2017.

Their collaboration guest name... T.Mikawa (Incapacitants), ASTRO, Tadashi Kumihara (Gunjogacrayon), GOVRENMENT ALPHA, Jin Harada, Atsuhiro Ito, Punkuboi,  Hahanosikyu, Cal Lyall, Python vs Cobra, Les Conferences Bunker, Coco, Naoki Nomoto, PUNSUCA, DJ MEMAI, etc...


Live House

Live House:
Kitazawa 5-18-1 B1F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Address (Japanese):
東京都世田谷区代沢5-18-1 B1
Map link:
Closest stations:
Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-Daita


From the South exit of Shimokitazawa station, walk straight ahead. You'll pass a McDonalds on your left. Keep walking ahead and follow the street as it veers left. You should pass a Family Mart, Club 251, a 7-11, and it is a little further ahead on the right in a basement, next to Basement Bar.


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