Adrian Åsling Sellius (sax), Matilda Andersson (vo), Yumiko Yoshimoto (g), Yukihiro Ura (ds)

2017 / 03 / 12 (Sun)
Live House:
Yellow Vision - Asagaya
Experimental, Improvised
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1,800 yen + drink
at door
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Adrian Åsling Sellius (sax), Matilda Andersson (vo), Yumiko Yoshimoto (g), Yukihiro Ura (ds)


Adrian Åsling Sellius (saxophone) + Matilda Andersson (voice, vocal)

Yumiko Yoshimoto (guitar) + Yukihiro Ura (drums)


Adrian Asling Sellius (saxophones/clarinet player, improviser, composer)

Adrian, born in 1991, is a saxophone player composer, improviser
from Sweden based in Gothenburg. Working mostly with improvised
music and collaborating with other visual art projects. With
earlier educations in jazz, free jazz and free improvised music
is close to his heart. Currently studying for a bachelor in music
at Gothenburg University while playing around in Sweden, Norway,
Denmark, Germany and USA. A discography of one vinyl, two cassettes
and two CD's with APUH!, Don-Qui Five, Chapel Productions and
People Swing Orchestra (further down for details) and a few more
as a guest artist. He has also done several performances, two at
Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014 and 2016.

Matilda Andersson (vocalist, composer, artist)

Matilda Andersson is a vocalist, musician, composer and artist
born in the forest of Algutstorp 1990, now based in Gothenburg,
Southern of Sweden. She interact melodic singing with extended
vocal techniques together with resonating objects and alternative
percussion. With and without effects. Alone and together with
groups of musicians and artists. She write and perform contemporary
jazz and and improvised music in duo’s, trio’s and larger groups.
She co-lead Swedish group FARTYG6 and former FYR. and has performed
with Bohuslan Big Band, Don-Qui-Five and Great Learning Orchestra
among others. As a composer she writes music for her own groups
and other ensembles and has been artist in residence at Visby
International Centre for Composers; where she also met spanish
composer Zurinie Gerenabarrena which electro acousic piece Matilda
contributed in with extended vocal teqnique.

She has released and contributed on several recordings. Recently
the EP. “Nattbuss” was released with her group Fyr. as Fartyg6's
debut EP “Den Forsta”, both released at PACAYA records. Currently
working with exploring electronic material with voice and  planning
an international tour with Fartyg6.

吉本裕美子 Yumiko Yoshimoto (guitarist)

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After played in some rock bands, started free
style guitar improvisation in 2006 as participating the performance
of visual artist, HIGUMA Haruo in Echigo Tsumari Triennale.
Since then performed as solo, with other musicians, and also with
dancers, poets, films etc.
In 2008, make the music of YAMADA Isao's film "daydream" (8mm/20min).
2014 Jul. release selfmade live recording solo CD-R "Midnight Pendulum".
2014 Jul. Tour in Lithania (Vilnius, Kaunas).
Play in the band "Aun no Kakokyu" (w/ SUGO Fumito: drums, 4+4=8: bass),
"lammtarra" (w/ KIRA Ken'ichi: double bass, TSUYUKI Tatsuya: drums),
"To Chu Ka So" (w/ HASHIMOTO Hideki: trumpet, SUZUKI Chiho: bandoneon,
SHIMADA Toru: drums).
2016 Apr. digital release solo live recording
"OJP007 : Yumiko Yoshimoto / Midnight Pendulum #0" (Off - Record label)
2016 Jun. Tour in Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,
Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland).
Participate the Water Tower Art Fest 2016 (Bulgaria).

浦裕幸 Hiroyuki Ura (drummer, composer)

I was born in Tokyo, 1984.

I am very influenced by Frank Rosaly (drummer in Chicago),
since I costarring with him in the live performance tour
at United States and Canada in 2011. Later, I began the
improvisation of the drums.

The soundless sound installation work, Presence, winning
at the 11th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists, 2012 at
the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma.

I have released more than 10 CDs (solo, group, collaborations etc)
from TWOLINES (which is independent label launch with
Shinjiro Yamaguchi, 2004) and others.

Also, I made music for the commercial videos of NEPENTHES
and Shiseido.

In the past, such as performed a collaboration with sculptor
and contemporary dancers, there is an alternating current
with various artists through music.

Live House

Live House:
Yellow Vision
Asagaya 2-chome Bldg B1, 2-2-2 Asagaya-kita
Address (Japanese):
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Yellow Vision



TEL: 03-6794-8814


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