Possible Spaces: Resonate feat. Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod, Thomas Tilly

2016 / 11 / 20 (Sun)
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Art Baboo 146 - Yokohama
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Possible Spaces: Resonate feat. Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod, Thomas Tilly


Possible Spaces: Resonate

Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod found sound, objects and resonators (UK/Australia), Thomas Tilly field recordings (France), Marcos Fernandes phonography


After briefly colluding in 2012 on one of Simon's pauses during his ongoing global perambulation, Simon Whetham and Eamon Sprod have developed a sporadic working relationship, collaborating on various projects in Melbourne and Estonia.This current Japan/Korea tour sees the artists further develop their collaboration with a series of multi-channel performances for found sound, objects and resonators,shaping sonic detritus into tactile auditory experience.


Simon Whetham is a professional Sound Artist. For him this term has been considered and refined over a decade of practice and experience of working creatively with sonic phenomena and perception.

Projects include, and often combine, sonic investigation of place and site, historical reference, collaboration, workshops, performance and installation. Exchange and engagement are integral to his working practice.

These projects have been commissioned and hosted in countries South Korea, Iceland, Estonia, Chile, Australia, Colombia, Norway and Japan.

In a world where even artists seem to crave fame and fortune, Simon is content to live as a travelling artist, directly engaging with smaller communities and audiences, in an aim to reach those who are normally excluded from art and culture.





Predominantly working under the project title tarab, Melbourne based Eamon Sprod explores re-contextualised collected sounds and tactile gestures formed into dynamic, psycho-geographical compositions inspired by discarded things, found things, crawling around in the dirt, junk, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, decay and most if not all the things he hears and sees. More than simply documenting a given site, tarab is interested in a direct engagement with our surrounds, teasing out half narratives, visceral sensation, false leads and heightened awareness. 





Tour Dates:


Nov 18: Tokyo: Ftarri: Simon Whetham/Eamon Sprod (duo)
Nov 19: Tokyo: Soup: Simon Whetham (solo) : tarab (solo) : Reizen (solo)
Nov 20: Yokohama:  Simon Whetham/Eamon Sprod (duo)

Nov 26th: Kyoto: Yokai SOHO: Simon Whetham/Eamon Sprod (duo)
Dec 2nd: Seoul: Dotolim: Simon Whetham/Eamon Sprod (duo)


Live House

Live House:
Art Baboo 146
Yamashitacho 146-2-10, Naka-ku, Yokohama
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Closest stations:
Kannai, Motomachi-Chukagai, Ishikawacho
Art Baboo 146


Cafe and visual and performing arts space.


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