J-POP IDOL "Corazon Way vol.3"

2016 / 05 / 19 (Thu)
Live House:
Milkyway - Shibuya
All Mix, Hip-Hop, Indie, Party, Pop
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Adv. Price:
2500 (+1D ORDER)
Door Price:
3000 (+1D ORDER)
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Shibuya Milkyway


★Corazon Way vol.3★
Check it out! The festival itself should become a great experience in many ways. This is the very special opportunity to see the J-POP culture and find out the cute "Kawaii" Japanese Idol artists and groups. These artists will show each unique performance, pop music and girly hip hop songs. Be there! They are so Cute!!

Time : doors open at 18:00 and event begins at 18:30
Fees : JPY2,500 Advance / JPY3,000 Doors (plus 1 drink order)

Reservation (by email) : please make sure to state the event title in the subject box and also state below detail.
①Event Title : Corazon Way vol.3 (or コラソンウェイ vol.3 in Japanese)
②Full name
③Number of tickets
④Your preferable artist
*Please send a email including above information to the reservation website of your preferable artist or Corazon Way official site (corazonticket@gmail.com).

【CONTACT (English)】
Shibuya Milkyway

◆RHYMEBERRY (ライムベリー)
◆NECRONOMIDOL (ネクロノマイドル)
◆Oyasumi Hologram (おやすみホログラム)
◆Maison book girl (メゾンブックガール)
◆Mayu Sekiya (関谷真由)
◆Mariko Takei (武井麻里子)
◆Mayu Furuhashi (古橋舞悠)
◆Ena Fujita (藤田恵名)

◆Rhymeberry (ライムベリー)
Rhymeberry is a Japanese idol group formed in 2011 and perform rap and hip hop songs. Their 1st album Rhymeberry was released in December 2015. The was produced by Daihatsu and other artists such as Sagawa Hiroki, Josh White and DJ-S.A.L., who have already worked with other idol groups like Tokyo Girls’ Style and MIKA☆RIKA.

◆NECRONOMIDOL (ネクロノマイドル)
Playing black metal, darkwave, NWOBHM and other eclectic genres of music NECRONOMIDOL's ultradimensional choreography and performance have blackened stages all across Japan.
Formed in March, 2014 NECRONOMIDOL played their first show at the legendary Muryoku Muzenji on June 30, 2014. Their monthly sponsored show, Aku no Chubomi started from January 2015. NECRONOMIDOL's first one-man show was played on November 1, 2014 at Sound Studio DOM and their second one-man show is scheduled for June 30, 2015 at Shinjuku LOFT.

◆Oysm-Hologram (おやすみホログラム)
Alternative idol duo. Members Hachigatsu-chan and Kanami Mochizuki are known for their wild live performances and crowd interaction. Delightfully messy, noisy alternative-idol duo Oyasumi Hologram are on the verge of releasing their second mini album, simply entitled ‘2’. This is a followup to their self titled 2015 full length which gained some real underground talk and praise from alternative music followers- even those outside the ‘idol’ scene. It will be fascinating to see how this mini album fares.

◆Maison book girl (メゾンブックガール)
Maison Book Girl is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014. They are also known as BookGa (ブクガ).It currently consists of 4 members. Maison Book Girl (abbreviated as ブクガー or bukuga for hashtags and the like) was originally made up of ex-BiS member (and my oshimen at the time of BiS’ tenure) Koshoji Megumi, Miss iD 2015 finalist Aoi Yagawa (Miss iD is an idol contest held annually in Japan), as well as newcomers Yui Inoue and Rin Wada. 

◆Mariko Takei (武井麻里子)
A solo singer & songwriter that started her activities in the rainy season of 2015. All of the art directions, web designs and etc. that are related to her activities are all done by her DIY power. Having her raise the activity theme, “Gokan☆Saishu”, she has also been collecting many different creator’s five senses and collaborating. At the same time from her debut, she had released her first single “Gokan☆Saishu vol. 1”. The music provider being SAWA, Her Ghost Friend, the topic became very big, leading her single to be placed 1st on the Hit Chart within the consignees’ CD shops in the first month. Many attentions are given, due to her live events presented with songs provided by forbidden majorities. Keep an eye on Takei Mariko whom is also currently a fashion magazine model, and also (of course) the trickster of the ELE-POP World.

◆Ena Fujita (藤田恵名)
"Ena Fujita" is also active as a gravure idol in parallel with the singer.
Slogan is "Singer Songravure idol". Conduct their own songwriting in activities as a singer, and went to live activities Seiryoku-teki. It was awarded the "Miss Tokyo Sports 2014" Grand Prix as a gravure idol. Such as appearances and DVD release of the TV show in I have widened the horizons of activity.

Live House

Live House:
Udagawacho 4-7, Shibuya-ku
Address (Japanese):
Closest stations:


TEL. 03-6416-3227 FAX. 03-6416-3228


From the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station, walk down Centre-Gai (the famous walking street next to the big Tsutaya and Starbucks) until you reach the end, and turn right. Then left at the T-inteserction. Turn right at Tokyu Hands. Chelsea Hotel is on the left hand side, next to the Harley Davidson shop. Milkyway is on the 3rd floor.


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