Psych-Out Festival No.9 DORONUE / Makhno / Dhidalah / the Leslie Southern Tone

2015 / 05 / 04 (Mon)
Live House:
Wall - Shinjuku
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Psych-Out Festival No.9 DORONUE / Makhno / Dhidalah / the Leslie Southern Tone


Psych-Out Festival No.9

Monday 4th MAY

at Hatsudai WALL

op 17 / st 17.30

adv.1500yen / door 1800yen



Dhidalah (20.35-)

The Leslie Southern Tone (19.45-)

Makhno (18.40-)

Doronue (17.30-)

Live House

Live House:
Parl Bldg B1F, 3-15-8 Nishi-Shinjuku
Address (Japanese):
東京都 新宿区 西新宿 3-15-8 西新宿パールビルB1F
Map link:
Closest stations:
Shinjuku, Hatsudai, Sangubashi


Welcome to the LIVE HOUSE WALL!

LIVE HOUSE WALL is the premiere independent music show-space in Tokyo Japan. We are committed to the quality growth of our music scene and community. We look forward to every show we promote and we always hope that everyone that attends one of our shows has a great time! So, come to WALL if you want to get into the world of Japanese music scene. Go to Roppongi if you wanna get herpes.

If you are in a band and want to book shows in Japan, just e-mail to Naoki via WALL website. We feel that we can offer the bands we work with a more personal experience. We treat them as actual people rather than with the cavalier attitude most clubs seem to have of  "another band another day". LIVE HOUSE WALL firmly believes that we can offer a far better alternative to the bands we deal with than any other clubs or promoters in Tokyo.

I only write here the direction from Shinjuku Station, but Hatsudai Station on Keio-Shinsen Line and Sangubashi Station on Odakyu line are also accessible stations. 

Come out of the south exit of JR Shinjuku station and you'll see national route 20 in front of you (the big busy road with Takashimaya Times Square on the other side). Turn right and walk along route 20 for about 15 minutes. You'll pass Park Tower on your right and about 100m further you'll see a building with a video store (porn shop) and a ramen shop in it, also on the right. Live House Wall is in the basement of that building.


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