Gabriel y Vencerás (from Barcelona), Boys Age @ Auditorio Instituto Cervantes

2014 / 09 / 06 (Sat)
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Gabriel y Vencerás
Gabriel y Vencerás (from Barcelona), Boys Age @ Auditorio Instituto Cervantes


Auditorio Instituto Cervantes

Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Rokubanchō, 2−9 スペイン文化会館 



En los últimos años, la música joven en español está viviendo un boom 

con nuevas fórmulas, sonidos y bandas que han renovado el panorama musical internacional. Por ello hemos querido organizar esta muestra de grupos en Japón (Gabriel y Vencerás, Entre Nubes, ManYuh y Boys Age), en un festival que reunirá a grandes artistas que comparten algo muy importante: el amor por nuestra lengua.

Gabriel y Vencerás' is one of the key representatives of the Spanish independent pop recently. The band, originally from Zaragoza and Burgos, has published two LPs : 'San Felices ' (2014 , Hermanos Segundos) and 'Ácido Niño ' (2012 , Gran Derby Records). It is formed by Jesús Andrés (bass and vocals ), Eloy Bernal (keyboard and percussion ), Juan Crespo (guitar , vocals) , Pedro Señalada (drums, vocals ) and Jorge Pérez (guitar and vocals) . The quintet has been active since 2010, has travelled through many halls of the Iberian Peninsula and participated in important festivals such as Primavera Sound , Faraday or The La Fonoteca Musica Española, among many others. His albums have been featured in major national publications (El País, El Mundo, Rockdelux or MondoSonoro , etc.) . The music of Gabriel y Vencerás is a vibrant mix of pop, psychedelia and indie. Its sound has renewed Spanish pop music thanks to a lyric style that combines surrealism and melodic costumbrism with certainty. The band 's Japan tour will be a vital opportunity for the quintet to grow professionally and defend its repertoire in front of a new audience, in principle, different from the one they are used to. Gabriel y Vencerás recently counts with fan base in Japan, which follows the group with eagerness. The tour will also serve to introduce the live songs from the group 's second album , released in January 2014. It will be a good opportunity for the Japanese public to know first-hand how the new Spanish pop music sounds.


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