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Topic-icon Japan's T.B.J.E. Tour Makes International Debut!

hudsonhawk created the topic: Japan's T.B.J.E. Tour Makes International Debut!

14 Oct 2009 13:52

One of the longest running indie tours in Japan (3 years and running) will make its leap into European territory and hit the ground running with the best that the Osaka and Tokyo independent music scene has to offer.

The Big Jugs Experience will make its U.K. debut on December 28th, 29th, and 30th. London music lovers, brace yourselves!

12/28 Windmill Brixton

12/29 Bull and Gate

12/30 The Good ship

Leading off with the U.K. born, but Osaka-based punk band, Royalinserts. Organizer of the T.B.J.E. tour, Kev, Gav, and Oshyo have been known to send unsuspecting audience members reeling in an audio state of shock.

They are followed by the alt/pop/punk rock band known as Molice. The veterans of the 2007 Summer Sonic festival have a reputation as one of the best live rock bands in the Tokyo rock club scene.

Closing out the night will be Moja, Japan's 2007 winner of the Global Battle of the Bands tournament. Coming off the successful Summer Sonic appearance in August. The drum/bass duo will certainly have a surprise or two waiting for fans

In addition, TBJE has recruited some U.K. talent as well. Bo Ningen, Elohym, and Elmor will also make appearances on selected dates.

Don't miss it! Big Jugs will make you forget you were ever suffering from post Christmas blues! More information at www.​myspace.​com/​thebigjugsexper​ience

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hudsonhawk replied the topic: Re:Japan's T.B.J.E. Tour Makes International Debut

11 Dec 2009 20:51

Just a small sample of the great performance to come!

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