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Topic-icon DRUMMER WANTED for Tokyo rock band Negative Zero

negativezero created the topic: DRUMMER WANTED for Tokyo rock band Negative Zero

26 Feb 2013 23:51


We are an active alternative / grunge rock band in Tokyo called "Negative Zero" and are looking for a new drummer. We have been playing together 3/4 of a year, have been playing shows often and have a presence in the Tokyo music scene. We are especially known among the foreign scene but have also been playing a lot in the Japanese scene. We hope to continue building our fan base among both scenes. We are also going to submit our music to try to get into festivals such as Fujirock, etc. We consist of an American guitar/vocalist and a Japanese bassist. Unfortunately our previous drummer has left Japan and we are looking for a replacement.

Our style is grunge / alternative rock. Our main influences are Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Muse, Tool, etc. Please go to our links to listen to recordings of our music or see some videos of past shows.

We are hoping to find a powerful drummer who is serious and punctual. Please no flakes. We want to have a great time together, but also we take our time seriously. We usually practice once a week, and usually have at least 1-4 shows a month (sometimes more). Please listen to our music and let us know if you're interested.



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