How do I add a Live House?

Once logged in, choose ADD A LIVEHOUSE from the LIVEHOUSE menu dropdown at the top of the page. There is also an icon on the top right of all gig, live house and category pages.

The required fields are Live House, Area and Website.

Please also include an address and an image


Before adding a Live House, do a search and make sure it isn't already on the site! If you would like to change the details of a Live House already on the site, send a private message to admin (craig).

If it is for a one-off event or at a venue that doesn't usually hold events, please don't add it as a new live house.



Live House: Add the title of the live house in English.

Address (English):  (optional) Enter the address in English if you can. The postcode is not necessary.

Area: The closest station or area - Shinjuku, Koenji etc.

Website: A link to the homepage of the live house. Include http:// and no spaces.

Address (Japanese): (optional) Enter the address in Japanese if you can.

Map Link: (optional) Enter the URL of a map or access information.

Closest stations: (optional) The station(s) near the venue.

Details: (optional) If you can, try to include directions to the live house. Other details are also useful such as a phone number, email address, description of the live house, photos etc. Please don't include info about gigs or promote your music here.

Image: Please add a logo or picture of the live house. (jpg, jpeg, png or gif up to 1Mb)

Add a map: (optional) If you would like to add a Google map, click this checkbox and enter the Latitude and Longitude coordinates below. You can get the coordinates from Google Maps. Google Maps help: Find or enter latitude & longitude

Click Save!