What do the abbreviations mean?

1D, 1 drink, + drink, ドリンク別, DRINK代別, D別, +ドリンク代, +D

These mean that you also have to pay for a drink ticket on the door (usually 500 yen) on top of the ticket price.


WF, W/F, With Flyer, W.Flyer

These mean that you will get a discount if you bring along a copy of the flyer for the gig.


OPEN, オープン

This is the time that the doors open and you can enter the venue.


START, スタート

This is the time that the first band or DJ starts playing.



This is the price if you buy tickets in advance.



This is the price for tickets if you buy them at the venue on the day of the gig.


PIA, LAWSON, eplus, e+

These are the names of ticket agencies. The numbers that follow these words are the codes to help you buy tickets from ticket vending machines. Check the TICKETS page for more details.