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Gigs and kids
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Gigs and kids 3 年, 3 ヶ月前  

Apologies if this isn't entirely the right area for this question :)

We're traveling to Tokyo next month with our 14 year old son and wondered what the norm is with regards to kids at gigs. In Australia if a gig is over 18s only it's marked as such but we can take him to all others (e.g. we took him to see the Gorillaz but he's not going to see the Damned :)

Do the same sort of rules apply in Japan/Tokyo? Thanks in advance for your help.

Re:Gigs and kids 3 年, 3 ヶ月前  
I know it sounds limiting but you're probably better off going to a gig at a large venue i.e. Blitz, Nippon Budokan, etc. Studio Coast possibly? Like the Japanese equivalent of going to House of Blues in the states or the O2 in the UK or a major arena anywhere. I doubt you can bring your son into a regular live house. I've been to tons of gigs in Tokyo and have never seen people bring their kid(s).

Florence & the Machine is playing Akasuka Blitz soon. Also Judas Priest will play Nippon Budokan. I listened to that sort of stuff at age fourteen but had a relaxed upbringing.
Re:Gigs and kids 2 年, 11 ヶ月前  
I've seen quite a few parents take their kinds to smaller live houses in Osaka and Kyoto. Often it's the kids of the artist where the whole family comes along. If you're not sure where kids are welcome try emailing the live house and asking.
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