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WILD MOOD SWINGS free dj party


2010 / 03 / 21 (Sun)
All Mix
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Wild Mood Swings


無料 DJ パーティ!
Hey Sir or Madam! Wild Mood Swings is an all-new, all-night, all-mix FREE DJ party in Tokyo. We play an unpredicatable mix of different tunes, aimed to frizzle-fry your brains! Ideal for those with short attention spans, like the guy from Memento.


DJs are:
craig eee (Tokyo Gig Guide, Walkie Talkie In The Cornfield)
Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Jake Arntson (Abikyokan)
Timebred (GaijinTonic)

Yukari (UK Sound)
Special K

Brendan Smith (Belgium Internet)


and more...


11pm. Free.

We play all genres, stuff like: indie, new wave, disco, italo, old-skool hip-hop, electropop, 80s pop, krautrock, dub, African 70s, psychedelia, shoegaze, industrial, electronica, post-punk, French 60s, chiptunes, Farsi pop, Shibuya-kei, synthpop, twee, avant garde, Bollywood, hardcore, lo-fi, electro, reggae... New Order, Animal Collective, Hot Chip, Aphex Twin, The Cure, Stereolab, Can, David Bowie, Prince, Skinny Puppy, Lee Perry, Kraftwerk, Flaming Lips, Delphic, Ice T, Talking Heads, Cut Copy, The Smiths, CSS, CCR, Ramones, Devo, The Strokes, Marvin Gaye, Joy Division, Stevie Wonder, Altern8, XTC, Orbital, Roxy Music, MGMT, Public Enemy, Devo, Blur, Buzzcocks, Bloc Party, Happy Mondays, Pulp, The Clash, Fugazi, Sparks, Broadcast, Isaac Hayes, Madness, Hank Williams III, Miles Davis, Barry White R.E.M, Human League, Vengaboys...

It's at Hell's bar in Sangenjaya on March 21st (Sunday, before a national holiday) from 11PM 'til the break of dawn.



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